The launch of the iPhone is one of the biggest days in the tech events and the day is terribly awaited by tech enthusiasts, Apple lovers, and also by Cupertino giant Apple, and its supplier. According to a report from Bloomberg, the launch of the iPhone 12 would get delayed this year by a couple of weeks. The report alleged a Broadcom conference call in which the company CEO has stated about the delayed launch of the iPhone 12.

On Thursday, CEO of Broadcom (Apple Supplier) Hock Tan, at an earning of a conference call with analysts “large North American mobile phone customer”, discussed a major delay in the product cycle, which directly indicates a delay in the launch of the iPhone 12.

Launch of the iPhone 12 Might Get Delayed

Tan says while referring to the Apple that, this time a slight bump has been experienced by the firm in its wireless revenue sector will arrive one quarter later than usual this year. Hock Tan said, “We are in”, pointing to Broadcom’s component in the iPhone.

Launch of The iPhone 12

Hock said “This year, we do not expect to see this uptick in revenue until our fourth fiscal quarter, So accordingly, we expect, our wireless revenue in Q3 will be down sequentially.” hock added “Because of product cycle delays the trough for our fiscal year will be Q3. This coming quarter.” “Nothing has changed in terms of designs, nothing has changed in terms of the content,” including more 5G components, the CEO added.

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As reported by Bloomberg News, Apple is deciding to launch its iPhone line multiple weeks later than usual. Usually, Apple releases its iPhone in the second half of September. Smartphone manufacturers usually order the phone’s component before the launch of the product. usually, Apple launches iPhone in September, if we observe the timeline, so according to it Broadcom should receive the order in the current quarter, but the chipmaker claimed that this isn’t happening this year.

As Tan mentioned “Because of product cycle delays the trough for our fiscal year will be Q3. This coming quarter.” “Nothing has changed in terms of designs; nothing has changed in terms of the content.” This coronavirus pandemic is the main cause behind the delayed launch of the iPhone 12, due to the lockdown, Apple engineers were unable to travel to China and finalize the components and required employees.

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Moreover, Tan also warned regarding “supply constraints and an expected substantial reset in wireless” when the result of the company will be out on Thursday. As most of the people are bounded to the home, subsequentially handset demand has been fallen.

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