20+ Chinese Popular App Alternatives for Android

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Whole world blaming China for Coronavirus pandemic either directly or indirectly and want to replace Chinese products with other products. Here, in this article, we are with some Chinese popular app alternatives for Android. With the cold war between countries due to coronavirus pandemic, everyone wants to boycott third-party Chinese applications and support the official products. However, most users face problems while finding the best alternative for the Chinese apps they use.


We all know we can’t trust Chinese applications for privacy because either they do lots of promises but it is observed that most of the Chinese apps access our personal and private information and we remain unfamiliar with this fact. So, we should replace such applications from our phones, to protect our privacy.

If you also want to replace Chinese apps from your phone but don’t know exactly to replace with which app, so we are here with 20+ Chinese popular app alternatives for Android. Read the complete post to replace most popular Chinese apps of your phone

20+ Chinese Popular App Alternatives for Android

Here we are mentioning some most popular and frequently used apps, so let’s get started and free our smartphones from Chinese applications

Chinese Popular App Alternatives

Best Alternative of CamScanner

The most frequent app we used to scan images and make pdf is CamScanner. You can replace it with Microsoft’s official product, Microsoft Office lens.

Office Lens can trim, enhance, and can take pictures of whiteboard and docs readable. Moreover, you can also use Office Lens to convert images to PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files, and you can even save images to OneNote or OneDrive It is like a scanner in your pocket.

Get Microsoft Office lens from Google Play Store.

Best Alternative of SHAREit – Google Files

The widely used and popular application for files, audio, video, images, document sharing app SHAREit is a Chinese app and claim to spy and steal data of your phone. You can replace SHAREit with Google’s official product Google Files.

Google files are a faster way to free up space from your phone and share files. Moreover, it runs on smart algorithms that filter the files according to its file type. With Google files, you can share files without any internet connection in a faster and secure manner.

Download the Google Files

Best Alternative of UC Browser

UC Browser, the most prominent web browser, and most of use it to surf the web frequently, but if you are using this browser for surfing so surely you want to get rid of those so many notifications, and ads from the app, and there are many other problems associated with it. You can replace it with Firefox.


The most lovable feature of Firefox is it provides automatized privacy to you, you can see what’s being blocked and moreover make your passwords portable and safe with encrypted data algorithm, with Firefox Lockwise you can save your password and make it available on all of your devices.

Download Mozilla Firefox

Best Alternative of Club Factory

Club factory an e-commerce Chines application. It may have its own features, but I never saw any satisfied customer of Club factory. It offers great deals and discounts, but the app is a complaint to deliver fake products. Instead of using such an application, you should buy products from Amazon or Flipkart.

Amazon and Flipkart both are the best e-commerce application, you will find a diverse range of products with good quality, and most of their customers are satisfied with their services.

Best Alternative of SHEIN

SHEIN another e-commerce site, but it is mostly concern with fashion including outfits and trending dresses. It offers a quantity but not quality. Again, you can’t trust the Chinese products, not for privacy at least. So for SHEIN, its Chinese popular app alternatives for Android include Jabong and Myntra.


Both of the sites are just amazing, you will find have numerous products to choose and buy. Must use these two apps for changing and enhancing your online shopping experience.

Download Myntra

Best Alternative of Xender

Xender another file-sharing application. As we already mentioned you can use Google Files for file sharing and transferring. Google files are the most convenient and secure method to transfer the files without any internet connection in a very secure manner. Google files share your files after encrypting it using its cryptography techniques.

Best Alternative of VMate

VMate is a video platform, where you can watch videos moreover you can edit your own videos. But you can replace this video making application with another better adversary which is House party.

House party is a kind of face to face social network. Where being together is as easy as showing up. It is the best alternative of VMate.


Download House party

Best Alternative of AppLock

AppLock is used to lock and protect your apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, and all other application on your phone. But what if the cop is the thief, in reality, i.e what if you get to know that this privacy providing an application is stealing your personal and private data without your permission. So to protect your data you can use another best rival of App Lock which is AppLocker by BGNmobi.

Prevent your privacy with the best and free App Lock with fingerprint support. With this App locker, you can lock all of your social media apps, gallery, and whatever you want to lock on your phone.

Download AppLocker by BGNmobi.

Best Alternative of Vigo

Vigo is a short-video social networking platform where you can share your daily live updates with your friends. You can replace it with the House party.

As we already mentioned, House party is a kind of face to face social network. Where being together is as easy as showing up.


Best Alternative of FlashKey Keyboard

FlashKey Keyboard you can replace it with the best keyboards such as SwiftKey Keyboard and Gboard. To choose best from these two read this Google Gboard Vs SwiftKey Keyboard – The Best Android Keyboard

Best Alternative of Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is a Chinese private network and again you can’t risk your privacy by giving it into Chinese hands. If you use TurboVPN so replace it quickly with other VPN’s. You can use the Express VPN instead. Follow this article to know more about VPN’s Top 5 Best VPN Available Right Now.

Download Express VPN

Best Alternative of PUBGM

PUBG mobile is the most played game but you have its better alternative which is COD (Call of Duty) Mobile. Once you will use it you will surely forget about PUBG and other mobile games.

COD is a first-person shooter Activision’s game, it is first focused on the game set of World War II, however, with the change of time this series is set to the modern times’ cold war, futuristic worlds, and outer space.


Download COD

Best Alternative of BeautyPlus

BeautyPlus is a Chinese photo filtering app; you can replace it with some better professional photo-editing tools including Snapseed or PicsArt. To choose best among both read this Snapseed Vs PicsArt – Which One to Choose?

Best Alternative of Parallel Space

By using Parallel Space, you can clone and run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously. Use Firefox Multi-account container instead of using Parallel Space.

Firefox Multi-Account container is a Firefox add-on that lets you separate your work, shopping, or personal browsing without having to clear your history.

Download Firefox Multi-Account container from here.


Best Alternative of DU Recorder

DU recorder is another app that is used to record gameplay videos, screen videos, and other things. You can replace this app with AZ Screen Recorder.

AZ Screen Recorder is a stable, high-quality screen recorder for Android that helps you record smooth & clear screen videos. With a ton of features like screen capture, screen video recorder, video editor, live stream screen, this screen recording app provides an easy way to record screen videos such as video tutorials, video calls, game videos, live shows, and videos that cannot be downloaded.

Download AZ Screen Recorder

Best Alternative of ES File Explorer

Again, another file managing application. And as already mentioned you can replace such file managing apps with Google LLC product Google Files.

Best Alternative of QQ Launcher

QQ launcher is an Android launcher but you’ll use Nova Launcher rather than this QQ launcher. NOVA launcher may be a popular launcher for Android devices, which primarily focused on customizations.


Nova Launcher could also be a strong, customizable, and versatile home screen replacement. Nova brings advanced features to reinforce your home screens, but remains an excellent, user-friendly choice for everybody. Whether you would like to completely overhaul your home screens or are trying to find a cleaner, faster home launcher, Nova is that the answer.

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Download NOVA Launcher

Best Alternative of WeChat

WeChat is a Chinese messaging, social media app developed by Tencent. The best alternative for this app is WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is an amazing messaging and social networking app that provides powerful, flexible, and diverse options. The app comes up with numerous features. I would highly recommend using WhatsApp instead of WeChat. Moreover, WhatsApp provides ends-to-ends encryption to secure your messages from third parties.


Download WhatsApp

Best Alternative of Helo

Helo is another Chinese social-networking app used to connect with people around. Instead of using Helo, you can opt for a better option i.e. Instagram.

Instagram is a staggering application and best alternate of the Helo or much better than Helo. Once you start using Instagram you will fall in love with it because it offers such spectacular features.

Download Instagram

Best Alternative of TikTok

TikTok another important reason for people to replace the Chinese application, With the recent controversies between YouTube and TikTok most people want to replace TikTok with some better apps. You can replace it with Funimate. Know More why people disliking TikTok TikTok Rating Drops to 1.3 as Indian Youtuber’s Fanbase Exasperated

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Funimate is another and best alternative to the Tiktok, you can create your own video as you want, you can perform numerous video customizations and make your video more fascinating.

Download Funimate

Best Alternative of TrueCaller

TrueCaller is a caller identification app, which detects the name and other details of the caller and shows this to recipients so that they can easily detect who is calling them. You can replace it using Show Caller it is the best opponent for TrueCaller, it has almost similar features, but light-in weight and its searching is quicker than the TrueCaller.

Download Showcaller

Wrapping Up

We reached at the end of this article, and we have discussed 20+ Chinese popular apps alternative for Android. I hope you would like the articles and surely try best alternates to Chinese apps. These alternatives are much better than the Chinese applications, and I am sure you will love them once you start using them.

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