Google Gboard vs SwiftKey Keyboard – which is the best android keyboard? We always seek for best things, best smartphones, best apps, best software with best features and services, so why we negotiate our smartphone’s input method, Yes, I am talking about the best android keyboard. The keyboard is the main method (other than voice assistants) which lets us interact with our cherished device, our smartphone. Every task performed by us on our smartphone needs an input method either it is using any app, or searching anything over the search engine, or sending a text to anyone.


A huge revolution came into the technology, and at present time numerous methods are available for the smartphone’s input not like the early days that we need to depend only on integrated and System default built-in keyboards. Now various interactive, customizable, and keyboard with brilliant features are available free of cost. If you are disappointed with your default input method or you want to try the best android keyboard for your smartphone, so you are at the right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss and compare the top two best android keyboard, i.e. Google Gboard vs SwiftKey Keyboard. Both the keyboards are best and produce brilliant design, immense features, highly customizable, and user-friendly services. In this article, we will discuss all the services, features, and functioning of both the keyboards and the major differences between Gboard and SwiftKey Keyboard. Read the complete article, so that you can easily choose one best android keyboard from both.

Google Gboard vs SwiftKey Keyboard

To write this post it took me a lot of research and I used SwiftKey keyboard and Google Gboard each for deeper understanding, and earlier I have been using SwiftKey Keyboard from the last one year or more. Google the enormous tech community owns more than 70 apps and Gboard is one of them. So, what are the features which make Gboard and SwiftKey the best android keyboard, and what’s the difference between them?

We will discuss each aspect clearly so you should have complete knowledge about both input methods, and you can choose one for you, so let’s get started

Word Prediction

Gboard vs SwiftKey

Google Gboard: If we talk about word prediction in Google’s Gboard so it checks and tracks the frequency of the word if you write any word intermittently so it will record that word otherwise not. Gboard is a little bit stingy in case of memorizing words.

SwiftKey Keyboard: Word prediction means the keyboard’s ability to anticipate the word, according to your previous typing history, with better word prediction user will be able to type the message quickly. SwiftKey records the words and even sentences you typed so quickly. It also remembers entered numbers and predicts them whenever needed.

The best thing I like about SwiftKey is that it memorizes the complete sentence word by word if you type a long message and delete it due to some mistake but again you want to type the same message, so SwiftKey remember entire sentence word by word if you enter the first word of the sentence after that SwiftKey will predict three words and one of them will be the next word in the previously typed sentence, and in this way, you can write the same sentence again without wasting your time in typing each word again.


Gboard vs Swiftkey: So, in this comparison, SwiftKey is the best android keyboard for word prediction.

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Search Engine

Gboard vs SwiftKey

An integrated and in-built search engine with the keyboard is the handiest feature, you can browse the Internet, without switching to the search engine, you can use it within your keyboard, without going to another application, leaving your chat.

Google Gboard: It is obvious that Gboard is integrated with its prime developer Google’s search engine. It provides you a dedicated button by touching that you can open Google search bar, with this you can search for anything, you can share the search results or information in the form of messages. Also, when anything is searched with Gboard it replaces/covers the keyboard. So, the search results are in the form of shareable messages.


SwiftKey Keyboard: It uses Bing as a default search engine which can be switched to Google any time. Also, when we search anything over SwiftKey’s search engine, it opens a separate window that occupies about the three-fourth part of a screen. Moreover, you will see the same webpage as you see in your browser. With SwiftKey, you can take an on-screen screenshot of the web searches and also send the web searches.

Supported Languages

Gboard vs SwiftKey

Gboard: It supports more than 600 languages and this number is larger than the SwiftKey one. It also offers the option to type in multiple languages too. In the case of languages, both the keyboards are quite simple and useful.

SwiftKey Keyboard: SwiftKey supports more than 314 languages and dialects, more than 300 is an enormous number, and also it supports a maximum of 5 languages simultaneously. So, which means you can use five languages at a time while typing.

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Gboard vs SwiftKey

Gboard: Here, it has a large number of themes, and it provides you a highly-customizable user interface, you can even set the size of each key according to your requirement, you can use background images and styles. Overall, you can customize the complete interface of Gboard. Gboard is helpful if you are using a small-screen device.

SwiftKey Keyboard: It offers more than 300 themes which help in customizing your keyboard in your own way, you can use it for a personalized appearance. It provides you an option to add background images or remove the border, also you can add or remove a number line.

Gboard vs Swiftkey: With some more extensive and better customising options we would say SwiftKey offer better themes.

Emoji, Sticker and GIF

Gboard vs SwiftKey

Emoji and GIF are the other best way to convey your message while chatting, so the best keyboard should be integrated with emoji and GIF.


Gboard: Gboard has almost complete features as SwiftKey keyboard, in the case of Emoji prediction and GIF both are completely the same. Gboard also offers various emojis and GIFs. It doesn’t have that much-dedicated emoji prediction but offers numerous emojis and also has a separate Sticker and GIF menus.

Swiftkey Keyboard: It comes up with an immense variety of emoji and GIF as it is integrated with GIPHY, SwiftKey also uses emoji prediction, as you type the message it will show an emoji related to that message, suppose you type “House“, so it will show an emoji for the word house this feature is too much useful many times. SwiftKey has eight sections for the emoji and produces a dedicated basic image editor. Moreover, SwiftKey enables you to create different collections of emojis which can be used later.

Gboard vs SwiftKey: We can’t decide winner from both because both have similar features in this case.

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Gboard vs SwiftKey

Gboard: Gboard also offers translation in 70 languages by using Google translator, but it is not available offline.

SwiftKey Keyboard: When it is about translation, SwiftKey does an exciting job. SwiftKey uses Bing for the translation. The SwiftKey keyboard work in collaboration with Microsoft Translator. It can also translate the text in 70 languages and can be used offline.

Gboard vs SwiftKey: In this case, SwiftKey will be considered as the winner because it can translate the text while you are offline, unlike Gboard which uses the internet for translating the text.

Accent and Special Characters

Gboard vs SwiftKey

Gboard: Gboard also comes up with the same character set as SwiftKey keyboard but it doesn’t offer different characters at each key. That’s why it lacks here, otherwise, Gboard is the same as SwiftKey Keyboard.


SwiftKey Keyboard: It offers a very brilliant method for characters and offers a very beautifully designed character set. One key can be used for various characters and accents as well.

Gboard vs Swiftkey: In this case, Swiftkey is the Winner because it offers on-hand different characters.

Glide Typing

Swiftkey Keyboard: This feature is awesome, I use SwiftKey keyboard and I am in love with this feature, it helps in quick typing. Also, you can type any word or sentence without tapping into the keyboard frequently, you can just start from a word and type your entire sentence by swiping from character to character.

Gboard: Gboard also supports glide typing, you can write words by swiping your fingers from letter to letter. You can type quickly by glide typing.


Gboard vs SwiftKey: In the case of Glide typing we cannot compare both because both offer the same feature and similar functionality.

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Gboard vs SwiftKey: Other Features


  • It can record or typing frequency and also provides typing stats.
  • You can have a record of most typed letters.
  • It allows you to share location easily, by tapping the location button.


  • Gboard takes care of your grammar, and it highlights the wrong words.
  • Gboard’s suggestion bar can be used to easily convert emoji into stickers and GIF images.

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Pros & Cons

SwiftKey Keyboard

Highly praised for its consistently improving prediction enginePrivacy, it has some privacy issues, it automatically stores some unknown words.
Comprises with several themes.Less innovative.
It supports Gesture typing or tap typing.Usage high data bandwidth.
It supports Google’s voice dictation.It has high memory and processor consumption.
It is available for free of cost.
It can be customized and also the size of the keyboard can be resized according to your requirement.
Shows in-depth stats.
It also provides cloud backup.


Pros Cons
Fully supported by Google.Very less customization.
Available at free of cost.Terrible word prediction.
Dynamic floating previewTakes lot of space and storage.
Glide TypingConsumes lot of RAM.
It is pre-installed in most of the devices.


Both the keyboards are available for download at no cost. You can either download from the below link or visit Google Play Store to download it.


SwiftKey Keyboard


Wrapping Up

So, here we are at the end of this post, and we discussed Google Gboard vs Swiftkey Keyboard. I tried to cover each important point and discuss it widely. We observed that there is not a huge difference between both the keyboards, both are slightly different from each other, and both input methods are best at their own perspective. In this case, both the keyboards are ideal and best for android devices.


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