Top 7 Unique Android Apps – May 2020

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Android is the platform that gives freedom to customize and use a smartphone according to the needs. This is one of the reasons why Android is so popular, that it has tons of unique Android apps from various developers that make the overall experience very user friendly.


Although there are like more than a million apps on the Google Play Store and each of them is unique, in this article we will be discussing the top 7 unique Android apps.

Top 7 Unique Android Apps

Based on the ease of use and interesting features that comes with these applications, here are the top 7 unique android apps:


Unique Android Apps

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Most of us use YouTube as their primary app for streaming songs, podcasts, or other audio related stuff but the problem is that you can’t play those in the background. There are solutions available to this by rooting the smartphone.

But for those who do not want to root their smartphones, AudioPocket is the solution! It plays YouTube videos in the background, so you can do other stuff on your smartphone while the sons, podcasts, or any video from YouTube plays in the background.


Unique Android Apps

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A-Bot is a chatting app that uses a bot to chat with users. You can select one out of the three bots that are available 27X7 for chatting purposes. The bots provide answers to questions and they are often witty. So, if you are feeling lonely and do not have someone to talk to then A-Bot is an option and it’s a fun time pass too.


Unique Android Apps

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Hyperlapse is a time-lapse video recorder by Microsoft and it records some cool time-lapses with exceptionally superior quality and stability. Some of the smartphones do not have a time-lapse recording option the camera app so Hyperlapse comes in very handy. You can alter the speed of the time-lapse and then save it on your smartphone.


Unique Android Apps

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There’s a lot of controversy around the deepfake technology and the use of it. Well, not with Doublicat!

Doublicat uses deep fake to create some cool gifs that are so fun and interesting to do. You take a photo of your face using the app and then the app uses your face and deep fake to create some fun gifs of you or anyone.


Typewise Keyboard

Unique Android Apps

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There are many keyboards available for Android smartphones now, but Typewise Keyboard is interesting as it is incredibly unique in design and said to be specifically designed for smartphones. It has hexagonal keys and it has some great gestures. Although the only downside is that it takes some time to get used to it.

Activity Bubbles

Unique Android Apps

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Digital wellbeing is also a real thing now and especially important too. Google launches some cool wallpapers and apps related to digital wellbeing and Activity Bubbles is one of them. It is a new wallpaper that shows you how much are you using your smartphone daily. The wallpaper is cool.


So every day you start with a completely black screen and as you unlock your smartphone, there appears a bubble and gradually the screen gets filled with bubbles every time you use an app or unlock the smartphone. The bubbles show how long you used your smartphone and how many times you unlocked it.

So yes, it is a unique and interesting app that gives you insights into how any hours are you using your smartphone daily in an incredibly unique and fun way.

Microsoft Maths Solver

Unique Android Apps

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Microsoft launches some cool apps for Android and Maths Solver is just one of them. So, the app works in two ways. Either you type your maths problem or you just take a picture of the problem and it solves the problem. The results provided are step-by-step and the app also provides multiple methods to solve a problem and it does algebra, trigonometry, arithmetic, and calculus too. So, for all of the students out there, this app is very essential.


So, these were the top 7 unique Android apps. We know that there are thousands of unique apps out there. If you guys know about the other unique Android app, do let us know in the comments.

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