Is Still iOS Better Than Android?

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Always while buying any new smartphone this question arises in our mind is iOS better than Android? All of us have this thought at least once, and we want to know why iOS is better than Android, and why people prefer buying Android when they have some other options like iOS? So, which one we should prefer?


We stuck in many cases and smartphone buying is one of them, nowadays we have numerous options according to our budget and choice, but still, we got confused between iOS and Android? Here, in this article, we will discuss all the major differences between Android and iOS which will help you and give a clear idea so you could pick the best smartphone.

iOS better than Android

Is still iOS better than Android?

This is a frequently asked and very important question for smartphone buyers because the smartphone is not just for communication purpose nowadays, smartphones acquire a special place in our lives, and while we have to purchase any smartphone, we always prefer best either it is any model of iOS or it is any brand and model using Android as an operating system.

So, let’s get started, we will compare both the mobile-based powerful operating system based on their features, quality, hardware, battery optimization, and various other aspects. So, you can easily choose according to your requirements.

Operating System

When it is about the operating systems, Android and iOS both offer the best of their services and we cannot compare both the operating system on some qualifications. When we bought any smartphone, we always chose the latest and newest operating system. But many Android-based smartphone manufacturers do not update with the latest version and also there is less support to the older operating system in Android comparative to iOS.

According to many stats, Android 7 was running only in 18% devices after one year of release, whereas iOS 11 was in about 66% of its devices after 6 weeks of release, even iOS 11 was supporting iPhone 5S which was launched in 2013. So, if you want to buy a smartphone with the latest operating system and longtime support for your smartphone from the company then iOS better than Android.

Hardware Compatibility

When it comes to the hardware of the smartphone then, we might be confused and say Android is a better option. But No, iOS offers better hardware quality and specification than Android. Apple develops both software and hardware for its smartphones, when we talk about software compatibility with hardware, Apple always wins because they design hardware and software according to each other.

Unlike Android, where different companies are constructing Hardware and Google’s developed operating system (Android) is being used with every hardware either Sony, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, or HTC designs it. And due to this software compatibility is low in smartphones using Android comparatively iOS.

Surely, we have numerous Hardware choices in Android and limited choice in iOS but when it is about offering better hardware, I would always recommend iOS, iOS design and develop a single model and take care of all the specifications and requirements whereas in Android all the companies are using their specific technologies and which leads to various choice but less quality. In this case, iOS better than Android.


Battery optimization

Android’s latest smartphone offers a very huge amount of battery capacity but that battery gets utilize in operating the functions of the phone if a 4000mAH battery is supporting a 7-inch large screen, so barely it will work for 8-9 hours continuously. But with Android you have numerous choices and can opt for better smartphones with better battery optimization, whereas in iPhone only a few models are available and offer a decent battery life, iPhone’s battery works well according to the device.

In this case, it is tough to compare, because Android phones offer a good battery life, and also sometimes charge get wasted because of background apps, and processes running in the background. While on iPhone the older smartphone has smaller batteries and needs to recharge every day but with new latest models, battery life is well optimized and you can use the smartphone without charging up to 1-2 days, but not on continuous use.

Apps Availability

There are several apps available in Android but less with quality developers and secure apps. According to statistics, there are 2.56 million total apps available in google play store while 1.85 million apps available in Apple play store. Apple is too strict about what apps it should allow in its store while Google play store does not have many strict rules and any app could easily be launched.

Also, Apple is attracting developers too, because according to a developer community they need to redesign the Temple Run game for more than 700 Android phones. Moreover, Google play store has some security threats too, once a fake WhatsApp was released on the play store and even downloaded by the 1 million people before its removal.


If its regarding app availability in your smartphone and you want to prevent from fake applications so I would strongly recommend iOS.


Apple supports better integration with its other devices. Most people use the laptop, tablets, and wearable with smartphones, and Apple provides a way better integration with other devices, you can write an email with your phone and send it with your Mac, or you can unlock your Mac using your apple watch.

But, in Android, few companies manufacture a complete set of devices Google’s all services work with each Android device, but for integration few devices are manufactured by the same company and you can’t have unified experience with Android except few manufacturers like Samsung, so it is quite tough to integrate with Android. Apple provides you a complete environment of the same features, you can receive incoming calls on iPhone with any of your Apple devices. In this case, also iOS better than Android.


Apple community provides extremely high support to its customers. If there is any issue with your smartphone you can go to any nearer apple store and there a trained, experienced specialist will check your phone and solve the issue. Android also provides nice support for its smartphone, you can go to the device store or retailer from where you purchased the mobile but they are not specialists so you might not get that much good servicing. Otherwise, both support very well support to their respective devices.


Intelligent Assistance

The most famous feature associated with the smartphone is Artificial Intelligence. We all know that Google assistance is the out-performing intelligence offered by Google and Siri is an opponent from Apple, but here, in this case, Google’s assistance won over Siri because it is way better than Siri, Google Assistance provides you all data available in Google. Moreover, if there is terrible traffic and you have a flight, so google assistance would advise you to leave early to reach on time. All these features are not available in Siri, but Apple is consistently upgrading its apps and features with each update. Here, Android beats iOS.

User Experience

Both the operating system developers intend to offer the best of their services and very smart and advanced user experience with a way better user-friendly UI. With its advance, amazing features Android also offers you to customize your smartphone in your own way. You can change and customize your smartphone as you want.

Whereas in iOS Apple locks the customizability and you can’t remove default apps. Apple is too strict about user security and that’s why no one can enter developer mode. With Android, you can remove default apps but sometimes, it may cause some interior error.

If you want a smartphone for high-quality user experience and which delivers a genuinely nice user-friendly environment, so I would prefer iOS from Apple. But if you want to customize your phone to enhance your experience and if you want to try new things with your smartphone, so I would recommend Android.



When it comes to the security of your device, there is no better option than the iPhone. Because malware and virus developer always focus toward the software with huge users, that’s why there are 97% of malware are developed for Android, even Android’s head said that they cannot guarantee the security of Android, so it is clear that Android is more virus-prone operating system than iOS.

However, it doesn’t mean that iPhone does not have any malware, but Apple offers very high-quality security and it is tough for hackers and crackers to enter and attack any iOS system. In this case, iOS better than Android.


Wrapping Up

We reach the end of this article and I hope now you would know and can choose easily between iOS and Android. Now, you got a clear answer to the question is still iOS better than Android? However, we know some Android developers design the best smartphones at the same price as the iPhone. And if you are looking for a low budget or mid-range smartphone so you should prefer Android or any older model of iPhone. But if you have enough budget so go for the latest iPhone without any confusion.


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