How to Surf Anonymously on Windows 10?

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There can be numerous reasons, why you want to surf anonymously over the web? We all are familiar with the fact that surfing on the Internet is no more secure now, it’s not about that only government spying on you many other enormous companies also keep an eye on the activities of users, they keep a track of the most visited websites, which kind of data you choose to surf, and many other things. To prevent yourself from such spies, so that you can surf anonymously, safely, and freely over the web, without being scared about being tracked or recorded.


Now, you may think about how they can get so much information about us, your all data is always traceable by your ISP (Internet Service Provider), they can have all records about you and all the websites you visit. All of our data is traced with the help of our IP address, they can get our geographical location, all the queries we requested to the server and all the websites we visited. So here in this article, we will discuss how to Surf Anonymously on Windows 10 so that no one can know what we are doing over the Internet.

What is Anonymous Surfing?

Anonymous surfing may be defined as searching and viewing content over the Internet without being identified. Safe browsing may be the other word for anonymous surfing. Your IP address and all other information are being hidden from your ISP so no one can trace you. With anonymous surfing, no one will know about the websites you visit, the data you viewed, and everything else. Your identity will always be unknown.

Why we should surf anonymously?

The question may be answered in different methods and its explanation may include different reasons, but the main reason is “Privacy”, we all seek for comfort and privacy, no one wants that their personal data/information should show-cased, even we hide many things with our closed ones too because everyone needs personal space.

You may be searching for a new job using your company’s system, and you want to hide this from your employer, in this case, unidentified surfing will be the only method to do so, or you love to surf such sites which are restricted in your country, so to bypass all the blocks and restrictions you can seek to anonymous browsing.

Maybe, you are living abroad and want to stream the content only available for home citizens of your country. Or you want to visit some forums, without being identified, or you want some medical prescription and discuss without being traced, and many other reasons.

If you have none of the above reasons, one reason could be you don’t want that anyone knows what are you looking over the Internet, you want to prevent yourself from the advertisers so that they could not know your location or the items you purchase. We all seek for privacy and surfing anonymously over the Internet is the only method to be untraced in the virtual world.

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Surf Anonymously on Windows 10

In this section, we will discuss how you can surf anonymously in Windows 10, we have numerous methods to surf various websites using different web browsers over the Internet, but we should know how to surf anonymously. Still, before browsing privately, we should have a basic idea of how it works?


Mostly private browsing works between source users and destination websites. In the middle, it is a proxy server that changes the IP address of the source user and provides any random IP to the destination website. Suppose you are surfing from Russia using a proxy server of the USA, so the middleman will change your IP and when you visit any website, it will provide the IP address of the USA, so in this way, you will always be anonymous to your ISP too.

So, let’s get started and be anonymous or unidentified.

Method 1: Using VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) also provides methods to be anonymous over the Internet. However, VPN alone cannot make you anonymous you need to use Tor to surf anonymously. VPN can be used to encrypt your data and also for hiding your identity, VPN can change your IP address, so the websites you surf won’t know where you are?

However, VPNs are best to be anonymous and change your IP address, but still, websites can know who you are, by using some methods, they can identify you by

  • Using your Cookies
  • Browsing your fingerprint
  • You can also be recognized from your login details.

VPN’s may provide unrivaled privacy, but VPN alone can’t be used for surfing anonymously, you should always use VPN through Tor to surf anonymously. Some VPNs like Nord VPN, HMA, Express VPN, Pure VPN, and many more. These VPNs can provide you extreme level of digital privacy.

Method 2: Using Browser Extensions

You can always use VPN through Tor for browsing anonymously, but here we have various extensions available for browsers, to be anonymous over the Internet. These extensions can be added to the web browser to surf anonymously. Extensions such as Hola VPN provides you with a list of countries and you can choose the proxy server of any country from the list. After choosing it you are all set, you can surf anonymously through the web. Other google chrome extensions include Browsec, Zenmate, etc.

Method 2: Using Web Proxy

surf anonymously

Using Web Proxy sites is the best, easy, and most secure method to surf anonymously. There are some websites like Hide My Ass, Proxify, and Anonymouse which can be used for safe and secret browsing. These web proxy sites provide you an alternative connection to the sites you want to visit, also they hide your IP address and encrypt your connection for preventing you. This is an easy, free, reliable method for surfing anonymously. The only drawback of this method is your surfing speed will be slow down.


It’s awkward when we get to know that someone is tracking all of our activity, by using the above-mentioned method you can surf anonymously and browse safely, to prevent yourself from hackers and spies. At last, reminding you again VPN can be used for privacy but not for true anonymity, so always use VPN through Tor.


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