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Apple Watch
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Is your Apple Watch stuck on Apple Logo? If yes, then you are in the right place, we have discussed a few troubleshooting methods to resolve the issue.


Apple Watch is Apple’s smartwatch, and this device allows you to have a widget on your wrist that can alert the user when a phone call or social notification arrives, count steps, and live in symbiosis with a smartphone.

Sometimes the Apple Watch may get stuck with the Apple logo due to the wrong configuration or internal software. This can range from problems with connection forms to having a mismatched time zone.

When your Apple Watch gets stuck on the logo, the logo stays on the screen indefinitely or goes out shortly. Such a problem is observed in almost all Apple Watch models.

Some of the main reasons why is your Watch stuck on Apple logo are:

Calendar mismatch between the Watch app and Apple Watch: If there is a mismatch between your Apple Watch’s time zone or Calendar and the iPhone’s Watch app, the problem may also arise because the Watch cannot successfully authenticate communication with the Watch app.

Corrupted Apple Watch OS: If the OS on the Apple Watch has been damaged due to an OS update not being implemented correctly on your device, it can result in the Apple Watch boot loop.

Hardware malfunction: If a hardware component is damaged or corrupted, The direct result appears on the user’s Apple Watch Apple logo.

Fix: Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo

#1: Force Restart Apple Watch

A temporary glitch with the Apple Watch can prevent it from bypassing the Apple logo screen, and forcibly restarting the Watch can cause problems.


Note that if the user is updating their OS (i.e., operating system) (which may display a progress bar on the Watch’s screen), the user should not force or stop it (Apple Watch) to restart it. Otherwise, your Watch may freeze.

  • Press and hold both the Side and Digital Crown buttons on the Apple Watch simultaneously.
  • You have to wait here for 30 seconds and release the button to see if the Apple Watch is on.
  • If not, you have to press and hold both of those side buttons again until the Apple logo appears on the Apple Watch again.
Force Start Apple Watch - Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo
  • Now check if the problem with Apple Watch is gone or not.
  • If this doesn’t work, check if doing the above steps repeatedly (like 4 times) fixes the problem.
  • If this method doesn’t work, you should put your Apple Watch on charging for 30 minutes and follow the steps mentioned above to check that it is working correctly.
  • If the issue persists, bring the paired iPhone closer to the Watch and unlock the iPhone. 
  • Now, when your iPhone is unlocked, force restart of Apple Watch, and on the restart, check if Apple Watch is turning on without any problem.

#2: Ping Apple Watch with Watch App

An Apple Watch user may fail to start it up and get stuck on the Apple logo screen if a temporary communication issue between the Apple Watch and the paired iPhone is disrupting the Apple Watch’s startup mechanism.

In this step, pinging the Apple Watch with the Watch app of the paired iPhone can troubleshoot this issue.

  • Start the Bluetooth pairing of the iPhone and restart the Apple Watch (as described above).
  • You have to wait until the Apple Watch shows up as connected in the iPhone’s Bluetooth settings.
  • Now keep an eye on your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings, and when you show Connected to Apple Watch, it switches to My Watch. After this, you have to go to My Watch and then tap on the name of the Apple Watch.
  • You have to press I (Notification) and tap on Find My Apple Watch. Now play sound on your apple watch through the watch app, then log in using your apple credential. 
Ping Apple Watch - Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo
  • Now in your device list, tap on Apple Watch and open Actions.
  • Then you have to tap on Play sound and after that, check if the Apple Watch logo screen is forced to exit. The user may need to press the play sound button more than once in some cases.
Ping Apple Watch - Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo

#3: Fully Discharge the Apple Watch Battery

Apple Watch stuck in boot loop cannot move past the Apple logo screen and can cause a great deal of trouble. Here, draining the Apple Watch battery clears the loop entirely and thus will also solve your problem.

  • You force restart your Apple Watch and put it aside until the Watch’s battery is completely drained (this may take a day or two).
  • Once the battery is low, leave the Watch on charge until it is fully charged and then check if the Apple Watch is usually working.

#4: Change Your Calendar & Time Zone Settings in the iPhone Watch App

Suppose there is a mismatch between the time or calendar region settings of the Apple Watch and the Watch app on your paired iPhone.

In that case, it has the potential to freeze the Apple logo, as well, as the App fails to communicate appropriately with the paired iPhone.

You may troubleshoot the issue by changing the Watch app’s time and calendar zone settings in this scenario.

  • Launch the iPhone Watch App and go to General. 
  • And now you open Language & Region and tap on Calendar.
  • Now Set a Calendar in the Watch App. Then you have to select the calendar name and restart Apple Watch to check that the problem is resolved. 
Sync Calender and TIme Zone - Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo
  • And if not, see if manually setting the time zone to the user’s time zone resolves the issue.
  • If the issue persists, see if changing the daylight time in the App to save time resolves the problem. If the Watch starts up properly, remove the faces from the infographic as it occasionally hits daylight, saving time.

#5: Reset Apple Watch to Factory Settings

If the Watch’s OS is damaged (this could be a failed OS update applied), then the Apple Watch may get stuck on the Apple logo screen, and due to this corruption, the Watch becomes unable to load the pattern startup. Doing a factory reset can fix this Apple Watch problem in this trouble. You can reset Apple Watch with the following three methods, but the method depends on the particular use case, as discussed below:


Use the iCloud website.

  • First, you force restart your Apple Watch, and then when the Apple logo gets stuck on the screen, go to the website on any browser.
Reset Apple Watch - Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo
  • On the iCloud website, open the Find My iPhone option, select Apple Watch.
Reset Apple Watch - Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo
  • And click on Erase Apple Watch. 
  • Now confirm the popup message you got to reset Apple Watch and once it is approved, check if it is working correctly.
Reset Apple Watch - Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo

Reset Apple Watch via Watch App

  • First of all, launch the Watch on your paired iPhone and tap on the My Watch option. 
  • Now open General and select Reset. Now you have to tap on Erase Watch Content and Settings.
  • Now through the iPhone Watch app, tap Erase Apple Watch and confirm to reset Apple Watch, and once approved, check if Apple Watch is stuck on the Apple logo or not.
Reset Apple Watch - Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo

Apple Watch Hard Reset

If both of the above methods don’t work or are not an option, launch your Apple Watch on the paired iPhone and unpair the Apple Watch from the phone.

  • Unpair Apple Watch using the iPhone Watch app and press the Digital Crown buttons on both sides of the Apple Watch simultaneously.
Force Start Apple Watch - Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo
  • Now hard reset the Watch, wait 20 seconds and release the button when the Apple logo appears. 
  • Now, wait a few seconds and press and hold the edge of the clock.
Apple Watch Hard Reset - Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo
  • Now, wait for about 20 seconds for the message to appear and tap on Erase all settings and then tap on the option Erase all content and settings. 
  • After that, wait for the clock reset process to complete, and when it is done, check if it starts up typically.


How do you unfreeze an Apple Watch?

To force restart your Apple Watch, press and hold the Side button and the Digital Crown button simultaneously for at least 10 to 15 seconds. When you see the Apple logo, let go of both the watch buttons.

How to Pair Apple Watch Manually?

Hold the Apple Watch on your wrist. To turn on the watch, press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo. Now bring your iPhone close to your Apple Watch, and wait for the Apple Watch pairing screen to appear on the iPhone, then tap Continue.

Where is the I icon on Apple Watch?

What is an Eye Icon? The circled I in the upper-right corner of the Apple Watch is for “Notifications,” and it’s meant to help you manually pair or re-pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone. The circled lowercase i is not unique to the Apple Watch

What is the latest version of the Apple Watch?

The latest version of watchOS is 8.5.1. You can come to this version by updating the Apple Watch software. This method is explained in detail.


How do I know if my Apple Watch has a cellular connection?

Open Control Center on iPhone and make sure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on. The Apple Watch communicates with the iPhone paired with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. The Watch is also connected to a cellular network if you have cellular data.


If none of the above resolved the issue, a hardware issue may have caused the problem, and the user can contact Apple Support to resolve the issue.

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