Top 7 Unique Android Apps – June 2020

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Android is the platform that gives freedom to customize and use a smartphone according to the needs. This is one of the reasons why Android is so popular, it has tons and tons of unique and interesting apps from various developers that makes the overall experience very user friendly.


Although there are like more than a million apps on the Google Play Store and each of them is unique, in this article we will be discussing the top 7 unique Android apps for June 2020.

Top 7 Unique Android Apps

Based on the ease of use and interesting features that comes with these applications, here are the top seven unique android apps:

Google Lens

Unique Android Apps

If you are one of those people who travel a lot, at some point, you must have stuck in a place that has a native language that is completely alien to you. Well, in that case, Google Lens is one of the most essential apps that you will need on your phone. Having difficulty in understanding a signboard? Just open the app, point the camera on the signboard, and see real-time translation. Not only this, you can do a lot of good stuff with Google Lens, just try it.


Unique Android Apps

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Want to learn a new language? Duolingo is one of the best platforms where you can learn a new language with an extremely easy interface. It has a remarkably simple and progressive course structure that is extremely easy and fun to learn. There are many common languages that you can learn. Plus, there are competitions too, so you have to maintain a good learning habit making it easier for you to learn any language very easily.


Unique Android Apps

It is a notes and documents app that has been recently made free for personal use. It is one of the best apps out there if you have a hard time carrying notebooks and pens, or you just keep forgetting things. Just have this app handy and you are all set.

Notion Tutorials:


Unique Android Apps

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DigiLocker is also an especially important application for Indian users. You can store all of the documents issued by the Government of India and the state governments. The important documents include Registration of your vehicles, your Driving License, Aadhaar Card, PAN card, Voter ID, Marksheets, and many other important stuffs online.

WPS Office

Unique Android Apps

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WPS Office is one of the best all-in-one app solutions for the management of documents. It is compatible with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and it also integrates PDFs, spreadsheets, presentations, memos, and Google Docs, etc.

It also has a free PDF reader, editor, and converter that comes with file-sharing capabilities. It also supports data encryption. Plus, it also has a multi-window mode.



Unique Android Apps

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It is one of the most famous and capable music recognition apps of all time. It is incredibly famous in the music lover’s community. If you ever know only partial part of a song and want to listen to the complete song, Shazam is your best solution. Just hold your phone close to the music source and the app does the rest for you. Plus, you can also use it as a music streaming app. If you are into music, this is a must-have app for you.

Google Find My Device

Unique Android Apps

It is an app that comes very handy in case of a theft or loss of your device. So, if you are one of those people who go out a lot for trekking or any other adventure or travel a lot. We recommend that you keep this app on your smartphone. You can locate your device, reset passcodes, and erase all the data of your phone when it is missing.

So, these were some of the unique Android apps for June 2020. Do use them and let us know.


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