Top 7 Unique Android Games – May 2020

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Android Gaming is a hot area and it is also the reason there are thousands of new games released every month and as a result, we have millions of games on Android. However, there are some unique Android games available out there.


In this article, we are going to discuss the top 7 unique Android games that are available on the Play Store and in this list, we have not added the famous and hit games like PUBG, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, and any of those famous ones. These are not so famous yet unique Android games.

Top 7 Unique Android Games

SimCity BuildIt

Unique Android Games

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It is a simulation game that lets you build a whole city from scratch. You will have to make your own city, design the layout for roads, buildings, and other stuff. As the game progress, you are asked to set up factories, stores, and manage production. There is also a contest in which you compete against the other players.

The overall game is really fun as you see a whole city grow that is designed by you. It is quite slow in the beginning but once you are in, it’s quite fun.

Extreme Football

Unique Android Games

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There are like thousands of football games available on football, but Extreme Football stands out because of its cool look, good music, and easy controls.

So in the game you play a 3 on 3 football game with other players, you can play with your friends and make a team and play with others and game progress unlocks different characters with different skillsets. It’s also very appealing as it refreshes the school time football feels.

Real Racing 3

Unique Android Games

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It is one of the best car racing games out there by EA Sports. Super easy controls and an immense variety of real tracks and all the top-rated real-life cars, which is just mind-blowing. The graphics are good, and the game progression is very good too.

 You can pay online and offline both and apart from progressing in the game you can also take part inside events to win a car or get upgrades. If you want a good car racing game experience, then Real Racing 3 is the best choice.

Drone Shadow Strike

Unique Android Games

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So this is a drone strike game, you are assigned with different missions like escorts, assault, and other stuff and according to the needs of the mission you have to destroy the targets with drone strikes. The game is very easy and fun to play although some missions are quite tough. If you are into first-person shooting and want to try something different and not that difficult then this game is good for you.



Unique Android Games

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Typoman is a different kind of superhero game in which the superhero is made up of English letters! Yes, you heard that right, English letters. So, what’s the superhero power of this character? Well, the hero is made up of letters that are used to make words and progress further in the game.

The game has fantastic visuals, the music and sound are good too! This is like a completely new gaming experience that everyone needs to try at least once.

Sky Roller

Unique Android Games

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Sky Roller is a quite simple and casual game for an enjoyable time pass. The controls are just the easiest ones all you have to do is swipe right or left and that controls the spread of the legs of the player to avoid the obstacles. It is very addicting and easy to play.

Walk Master

Unique Android Games

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It is also a super-fun arcade game that requires you to just direct the player and walk it through different obstacles that come in the path. It also has just swipe controls which are easy, but it takes time to master them. The game gets tough as the controls are hard to master but it is fun to play.

So, these were the top 7 unique Android games out there. We are sure that there are tons of other unique Android games available so definitely do let us know in the comments if those aren’t here on the list.


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