The demand for video conferencing and remote networking for business has tremendously increased all over the world since the last month in the wake of COVID-19, which made Zoom the most downloaded App. No Doubt, the Zoom app is best for real-time communication and video-conferencing. However, the users are facing some issues because of its low video-quality, buffering and underrated privacy. Follow the below article for Top 5 Best Zoom Alternatives for Video Calling.


Many personal Zoom meetings were found on the open web, and some of them were uploaded on YouTube as well. Being concerned with the privacy issues many companies have even banned Zoom for business purposes. So, to avoid all these problems and to make your real-time video conferencing a better experience, we are here with some of the 5 Best Zoom alternatives which everyone should try.

5 Best Zoom Alternatives

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the best alternative if you are looking for web communication like Zoom. It has similar features like Zoom and in some features, it even exceeds Zoom’s ability. Microsoft Teams allows you to chat, provides real time video conferencing, access Office 365 documents also you can call someone from direct phone system.

Best Zoom Alternatives

It is capable for video calls, audio calls as well as chat. However, only a meeting of 250 participants can be hosted which was 1,000 for Zoom users. Nevertheless, it can even handle 10,000 participants in a webinar which is much higher than Zoom.

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2. Skype

Best Zoom Alternatives

Skype’s free version can be very helpful for small companies to hold webinars in HD quality. Skype has a limit of 50 participants and does not impose any time limit on group calls. It provides call recording, live subtitles, screen sharing and many more.

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3. Hangout’s Meet

Best Zoom Alternatives

Hangout’s meet has been seen as a tech Giant and is available only to G Suite users. For, organizing a meeting just create one and share the meeting link to the participants. There is no need for an account to join a meeting. Recently, it has a limit of 100 participants which will extend to 250 from 1 July. Webinars up to 1,00,000 participants can be organized via Hangout which makes it the best substitute for Zoom.


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4. Jitsi Meet

Best Zoom Alternatives

Jitsi Meet is a free alternative for Zoom users. Jisti does not impose any limit on the number of participants, with no time limit and the best part is, it is encrypted. It has a very lightweight interface which helps it in performing well. If you want a free solution to Zoom then Jisti is an appropriate choice.

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5. Cisco WebEx

Best Zoom Alternatives

Cisco WebEx has the capacity to cater to the demands of Large-scale companies and as well as other business organizations. WebEx meetings can be accessed free of cost if the participants are up to 100 and for more participants subscription is required. Under the free plan, meetings with a time limit of 40 minutes can be hosted. It provides a password- protected personal room with HD quality. It is best for the corporation focused video-conferencing.

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These were our picks for some Best Zoom Alternatives. As you can see that each app offers different features, you can choose anyone which meets your requirements. Apart from the five mentioned above, Blue Jeans, Zoho Meeting, GO to Meeting are also in the race. If we missed out on any other appropriate or your favorite alternative for Zoom, then let us know in the comment section below.


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