Bored Amid Lockdown? Here Are Some Useful Things To Do in Lockdown

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Everyone is under a lockdown these days because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Well, every now and then you would have heard people saying that they want some free time and all. It turns out that now they have some free time, definitely not under the most comfortable circumstances but still we now have plenty of free time. And one of the major problems that we have right now is that we do not have much to do in this free time.


But don’t worry, We got you covered in these hard times, Here are some useful things that will help you be productive in this lockdown.

Useful Things To Do in Lockdown

Useful Things To Do in Lockdown

What to do at home amid lockdown?

Many people from the working class already have themselves sorted with Work from Home but what about people who do not have anything productive?

Before doing any of these make sure you sanitize your phone properly. We already have written a decent tutorial to do so, make sure you follow that:
How to Sanitize Your Phone in 5 Easy Steps

Here are somethings that you should definitely try:

Learn a new Language

With my personal experience, I can say that it feels so good to learn a new language and then flaunt it in front of your friends. And on successful completion of this task, your friends will definitely get shocked when you will greet them not by saying hello but saying Hola! That’d be so much fun. And being multilingual will definitely be good on your skills resume.

Some Useful Apps for Learning New Languages


Just like the name, Duolingo is a multilingual app where you can learn languages like Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese and more. Very simple to use, just download the app on your smartphone, create an account and you are good to go. It also offers premium courses at low costs under which you can take tests and further sharpen your language domain.



The application is pretty much similar to Duolingo, just the pricings are different with some more languages to learn. It has various tutorials online to help you learn with ease. Drop lets you play with language which is very fun so if you are looking to have fun at learning, Drop is your to-go option. It operates on Android, and iPhones and on web browsers too.


Babbel is the most diverse language learning platform out there. You can literally learn all the common languages around the world. The best feature is that it allows some online free demo teaching that is not available with the other two.



Memrise is the most searched for language learning. It offers free language learning. Not the best but definitely good as you are getting for free. You can learn a language from scratch, here on this platform. It offers ranking based on online tests. You should definitely give it a try.

Soul-Enhancing by Performing Meditation

I am pretty sure you have seen that quote recently that says, “If you can’t go outside, Go inside”. This quote is very true, as nothing is more soothing than going in a deep state of mind. You will feel less stressed, very positive and it will also improve concentration. Start your morning with meditation and you will definitely be productive throughout the day.

Useful Apps for Meditation

The Mindfulness App

The Mindfulness App is perfect for everyone. From Beginners to Experts, it has stuff for everyone. It creates a perfect environment for your meditation routine. It has a timer ranging from 5-30 minutes. It is your path for concentration and positivity.



This app literally creates a space between you and your soul. With peaceful soundtracks that one can hear before and after bed, this is the best app to switch to.


This has to be the best of all three apps. Rated five stars on both Android and iPhone. It features bedtime stories from great voices with which you will feel inner peace. You should definitely give it a try.


Further Reading

It is also the time where you can be more fit than ever. With Restricted outing and no exposure to junk food, you can definitely achieve your fitness goals and stay healthy. I suggest you download these apps and have them synchronized with your fitness devices. And if you do not have a fitness tracker, you can enter the data manually.

Google Fit App

Water Reminder

Also, it’s one of those times, where you can watch some really good shows and movies on various platforms.


Now everyone knows about the popular ones. But here are some of the not so popular ones that are true gems.


Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers(Netflix)

[imdb style=”navy”]tt9107368[/imdb]

Not so popular one but it is very interesting. Based on top-secret Area 51 of the US and their secret research on Alien Craft. This documentary is very interesting.

The Game Changers(Netflix/ IMDb 7.9)

[imdb style=”navy”]tt7455754[/imdb]

If you are planning to go vegan or interested in it, The Game Changers is definitely an eye-opener. It will change the way you see meat, protein, and strength.

Icarus(Netflix/ IMDb 7.9)

[imdb style=”navy”]tt6333060[/imdb]

Thriller Documentary, that uncovers the worldwide doping scandal. The documentary has a very shocking turn when the narrator discovers a shocking truth about the Sochi Winter Olympics.


Parasite(Amazon Prime/ IMDb 8.6)

[imdb style=”navy”]tt6751668[/imdb]

Oscar-winning thriller comedy Parasite is now available on Amazon Prime in Hindi and for all I know, it’s worth watching.

Web Series

When They See Us(Netflix/ IMDb 9)

[imdb style=”navy”]tt7137906[/imdb]

When They See Us is a 4 episodes mini-series with so many ups and downs. You will be on a roller coaster ride while watching it. Based on real incidents where 5 boys are falsely accused of rape and murder. It’s the story of their troubles and their struggles to get justice.

Chernobyl(Hotstar/ IMDb 9.4)

[imdb style=”navy”]tt7366338[/imdb]

Based on the Chernobyl Disaster, the 5 episodes mini-series is a must watch as it takes to viewers to the first-person perspective of everything. This is the series that saved HBO’s TV ranking after not so good Game of Thrones finale.

A Series of Unfortunate Events(Netflix/ IMDb 7.8)

[imdb style=”navy”]tt4834206[/imdb]

Let me tell you straight away that it is based on dark comedy and drama. Dark Comedy is an acquired taste so only watch if you understand dark comedy and have a craving for it. Otherwise, you will find this series very dull. Based on three orphans and their misadventures with an evil guardian, the series is fun to watch.


Sex Education(Netflix/ IMDb 8.3)

[imdb style=”navy”]tt7767422[/imdb]

This is really one of the very fun and interesting series to watch as a socially awkward kid sets up a sexual advice clinic on the school campus to give tips. The first season is really focused on it and in the second season has even more interesting and progressing storyline. You will not regret watching it.

Narcos(Netflix/ IMDb 8.8)

[imdb style=”navy”]tt2707408[/imdb]

Narcos is one of the best series out there. The first two seasons are based on Drug Lord Pablo Escobar and his rise and fall. The third season is focused on the aftermath after Escobar’s death. The series has more seasons which further progress on narcotics and their encounters.

I know there are a lot of other movies and series that are a gem, I can’t mention all of them. Do let us know in the comments which series you’d recommend.

And It is really important that you stay home and stay safe and help fight this pandemic.


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