How to Sanitize Your Phone in 5 Easy Steps

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Ever since the COVID-19 entered in India, we are taking all the necessary steps to prevent the spread of the virus. Leading health organizations like WHO, and the Government is providing all the security measures to help prevent you from getting this disease. The major thing that everyone is supposed to do is maintain proper sanitization of themselves and their surrounding and yes, people are taking it quite seriously. You will see everyone using masks, washing their hands and using hand sanitizers.


But one thing that we are completely ignoring is to disinfect our mobile phones. I am sure that many of you will agree that we hardly even paid attention to it. Do you know that the virus can live up to 3 days on various surfaces like Plastics, metals? Yes, you heard it right. And we hardly pay attention that our phone is out for most of the time and is touched by us without proper cleansing. That makes it a perfect house for viruses and bacteria to live in. So now its time that you take some measures and sanitize your phone and other gadgets.

sanitize your phone

We got you covered. Here are five simple steps to sanitize your Phones:

How to Sanitize your Phone in easy steps

Step 1: If you use a back cover or a case then remove the back cover or case of your Phone and keep it aside and power down your Phone. If it has a removable battery, it will be even better if you take the battery out.

Step 2: Clean your phone with a microfiber cloth, which you can easily find, it comes complimentary with Spectacles and Cleaning kits.

Step 3: Take a soft cleaning cloth and dip it in liquid alcohol-based sanitizer. In case you are not having a sanitizer and its not available nearby, you can simply use doctor’s spirit that is easily available at medical stores for Rs.50-80 and dilute it with some water, that works as a sanitizer, too.

Step 4: Take the sanitized cloth and clean your phone very thoroughly and gently, avoiding the ports.

Step 5: Let the phone air dry for 5 minutes and then you are good to go. Or you can even use a hairdryer with cold settings so that its heat doesn’t harm the internals of your phone.

Also, follow steps 3-5 to sanitize your back cover or case too.


Important Side Note: It is also important that you keep sanitizing your hands in between all the steps.

And Importantly, We also forget to sanitize our other gadgets like Keyboards on PCs, laptops, mouse, Our Headphones, gaming consoles, TV remotes, etc. So make sure that you follow all the above steps mentioned to sanitize your phone as well as your other gadgets to keep safe. Just make sure that they are not connected to any power supply and are turned off completely.

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