List of Corona Virus Resources for India | COVID-19 Resources in India

COVID-19 Resources in India
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These are some of the most testing times our beautiful nation is facing in the form of the deadly second wave of COVID-19.


While we can’t gather as a community to help each other physically, what we can do is put our best efforts into providing the COVID-19 Resources in India so that no one has to face difficulties because of the lack of resources. 

In this article, I have tried to curate all the COVID-19 Resources in India that might help people infected with COVID-19. So read the entire article and spread this as much as you can. 

COVID-19 Resources in India

COVID-19 Resources in India

The very first thing that you should keep handy is the state and center helpline numbers. So here is the list of stature and center helpline numbers that will help you the most:

Use Twitter 

When you go to Twitter or any other platform for help, make sure that you always pay a little bit of attention and do not fall for scams. We know these are hard times and it is difficult to keep yourself composed.
But there are some rules that you can follow to make sure you do not get scammed. Just do not make any advance payments and try visiting the place before you make any payments and check if the place is legit or not.
If you come across someone selling important COVID-19 resources in black, feel free to file a complaint to the nearest Police Station. 

Twitter SOS Page

One thing that we Indians know is how to use Twitter correctly. So keeping that in mind, Twitter has set up a dedicated page for COVID-19 Resources. It has important resources and it is updated frequently so make sure you check this page. 

Twitter COVID-19 SOS

Use Twitter Search 

You can also use the Twitter search page to get help. The simple web page will provide you with the details of hospital beds, oxygen, or Remdesivir. 

Here is how you can use this option:

  • Visit the Twitter Search for COVID Page.
  • Enter the name of your city.
  • Check on the boxes of your requirements. 
  • Click on Search or Generate Links. 
  • Now click on the city name. 
  • This will take you to the Twitter search results. Make sure you click on the ‘Latest’ ones. 
COVID-19 Resources in India
COVID-19 Resources in India
COVID-19 Resources in India

List of Oxygen and Vacant Beds Across India

Note: Whenever using crowdsourced data for help, make sure that you always pay a little bit of attention and do not fall for scams.

Having the list of available beds with oxygen and vacant beds is very important. Here you can find all the information you need related to oxygen beds and vacant beds per state:

Plasma Therapy COVID-19 Resources 

One of the best sites that you can go to for plasma therapy resources is

This website will give you over 25 sources that can connect plasma donors with patients easily. Apart from that, you can also go to these websites as well:


Mental Health Resources 

Losing a loved one to a disease like COVID-19 can really mess up someone’s health. There are other factors like losing jobs, not earning, and stuff like that which can take a huge toll on mental health. So I am also providing some mental health resources:

Other Important COVID-19 Resources 

Register and Take Your COVID-19 Vaccine

Prevention is better than cure. The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and has proven to be very effective so far. As of now, people above 18 years of age are also eligible to get their shots of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

If you want to get vaccinated which you should, just go to the official CoWIN Website or go to the Aarogya Setu app and register yourself if you are 18+.

A maximum of 4 people can register from one phone number. Just make sure to keep your ID proof with you when you are registering for the vaccination. 


The good part is that you can even cancel or reschedule your vaccine appointment in case you can’t make it on schedule. 

Note: The COVID-19 vaccine will not make you completely immune to the disease. You can get infected with COVID even if you have taken the vaccine.
However, the case of fatality is very low in people who have taken the vaccine.
And by very low, I mean very very low. So just take the vaccine and wear masks and practice social distancing. 

Closing Phrase

So those were some important and helpful COVID-19 resources. Also, I would strongly request you to follow this Instagram thread Ugaoo, which has a lot of COVID-19 resources that will help you a lot in preparing for the pandemic and maintain a composed mindset. 

In these tough times, we have to be strong and practice patience. We will come out better on the other side of this pandemic. Please feel free to reach out for any help. We will try our level best to help anyone out. Also, spread the word!

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