World Health Organization Releases WHO COVID-19 App

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially launched an app that will provide people all over the world with accurate information regarding the virus and warnings specific to their location. The WHO COVID-19 App will now be your one-stop solution for your all information regarding the Corona Virus.



The app is called ‘WHO COVID-19’, it will also offer ‘self-triage’ tools which will help users diagnose themselves and conclude whether their symptoms match to those of COVID-19. According to its features listed on the official Play Store listing page, the app will also offer the latest recommendations from the experts at WHO and its regional partners.


Originally the app was named ‘WHO MyHealth’, it has been developed by a group of volunteers who are working under the ‘WHO COVID App Collective’, which include former Google and Microsoft employees along with WHO advisors and ambassadors, and other industry experts. This is an open-source app, the code for it is available on GitHub. It was initially being built with Ionic React but they later switched to Google’s cross-platform Flutter SDK and which will help them build not only for the Android and iOS apps but also for the web app now.

This app is currently available only on Android on early access, but the iOS app and the web app are also under active development. We expect that they will be available to us sooner rather than later. It is important to note that the app will require location information so that it can provide you with all the localized news and information. The privacy policy of the app claims that it won’t save your personal data. “We don’t collect email, phone numbers, or fine-grained locations”. Here is the link for Android users to download WHO COVID-19 on their devices from the Play Store.

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