Non-Essential Items Can Be Purchased Online in Lockdown 3.0

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Due to increasing cases of Covid-19, the Indian government increases the lockdown all over the country for two weeks. In lockdown 3.0 some reliability is being provided to green and orange zoned areas, non-essential items can be purchased online by the people in green or orange zone areas, which means we can buy a laptop, smartphones, and other electronic items too. However, some terms and conditions would be applied.


Non-Essential Items Can Be Purchased Online

Non-essential Items Can Be Purchased Online

According to MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) guidelines, the non-essential products through e-commerce sites will only be marketed in those areas where the Covid-19 cases are non-existent or sparse. The government said that e-commerce platforms will be able to provide their service only in the area where the Covid-19 cases are zero or very infrequent, i.e. if you are in the red zone these new guidelines are not for you, for red zoned areas restrictions remain same. The postal and courier services will be active in all the areas either it is in the red zone or the green and orange zone.

If you are in a safe zone i.e., green or orange zone, so non-essential items can be purchased online like smartphones, laptops, and other products, this will benefit them who were willing to buy a new phone and couldn’t buy due to lockdown.

In April, the government allows e-commerce sites to sell the products, but the non-essentials were banned. So our all of the favorite e-commerce platforms, like Amazon and Flipkart stopped the sale of Mobile and Laptop, but now with new guidelines, the sale of every kind of product either essential or non-essential both are allowed, so you can easily buy a smartphone through e-commerce platforms. However, MHA doesn’t clarify anything about the mobile shops, so maybe you can’t buy a smartphone from your nearer mobile store.

With the ease of lockdown in some selected areas, smartphone companies may start launching their products. Apple announced the iPhone SE series for the Indian market starting from INR 42,990. OnePlus has also launched the OnePlus 8 series in India a few weeks ago, but their sale was halted due to the lockdown.

Xiaomi will also announce its Mi 10 series with the flagship RedmiK30 Pro in the Indian market soon. Xiaomi is also rumored to launch its Redmi Book series. Realme may launch its Nazro series of smartphones in India and it is expected that Motorola may announce their Edge+ for India and may finally put their foldable Razr for sale.

The sale of non-essential items including smartphone, laptop will provide much relief to the user and companies too.

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