Is JioMeet Better Than Zoom or Just a Clone?

Zoom vs JioMeet
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Reliance Jio has recently launched a strong rival and more importantly an Indian alternative for all video-conferencing platform JioMeet and aiming to take over the tremendously grown video-conferencing platform, Zoom, Google Meet, and others. But wait, is JioMeet better than Zoom or just a clone? Does JioMeet comprise more or better features than Zoom? Such kinds of questions may arise in your mind too while using JioMeet for the first time.


Well, JioMeet and Zoom both share a bunch of similarities either in UI or functionalities, JioMeet has opted almost similar features as Zoom. How one can conclude that JioMeet better than Zoom? Here in this article, we have discussed this topic deeply, so that we can fairly conclude is JioMeet better than Zoom or just a clone?

Is JioMeet Better Than Zoom or Just a Clone?

Before getting deeper into things, we should note some important points, so that we can easily conclude JioMeet better than Zoom, or not? The first most thing to note is that JioMeet possesses so many features (almost all) of Zoom. So we can say that JioMeet is a Beta version of Zoom, which has the potential to grow more and perform much better than the traditional video-conferencing platform Zoom. Let’s understand other similarities and differences in the text below,

User Interface

JioMeet and Zoom both are identical if we compare them for the interface. The new meeting, join meeting, schedule meeting, and other buttons are also placed identically at the same position. Any user familiar with Zoom will found no difference in both the apps. Not only in mobile apps- JioMeet and Zoom share similar user interfaces in web apps too.

JioMeet Better Than Zoom

So, in this case, we can’t say whether JioMeet better than Zoom or not, but we can conclude confidently that JioMeet is a Clone of Zoom in case of the user interface, because it has all features similar to its rival Zoom either starting a call, inviting friends, or scheduling a meeting, join a meeting.

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When it comes to features we can say that, JioMeet better than Zoom because it offers most of the missing features in the Zoom like it offers Safe Driving mode, then it has White Board, Internal Recording (only available in the web app as of now), and most importantly unlimited free calling upto 24 hours. Both the video-conferencing platform offers one-to-one as well as large group video calling features.

Also, on the other hand, JioMeet lacks some important features like File Sharing, record meetings, and most importantly it offers 24 hours unlimited calling but with only 100 people while Zoom offers video conferencing upto 1000 people in its paid version.

Both video-conferencing platforms offer video-calling in HD quality on lower bandwidths too. Moreover, both the video-conferencing platforms share so many features like screen sharing, waiting room, email integration, and others. All these features work the same in both the platforms even buttons to use these features are placed at the same position in both apps.


So, is JioMeet better than Zoom, now, it’s being quite tedious to conclude, right? But as we concluded in the beginning that we can say that Jiomeet is a beta version of Zoom with the potential to do more. JioMeet will be considered to be better if it overcomes all the above-mentioned lacks in the app, Well, for now, both are the same.

JioMeet better than Zoom


In JioMeet, one who starts the meetings is the host, and all other are participants, they can join a meeting and these roles can’t be changed or swapped. A host has the right to mute the video/audio of participants. Similar to Zoom in JioMeet you can join a meeting without having an account, but to host a meeting you need to create a JioMeet account.

In Zoom you can assign the host position to any participant and with audio/video muting Zoom allows you to disable the screen-sharing feature, white screen annotation, and other.

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Security & Privacy

JioMeet and Zoom both offer password-protected video calling feature, which means to join a meeting you would require to enter meeting ID and then a protected password, this security feature assures that random people can’t enter into the meeting and crash it.

If we talk about encryption JioMeet offers complete encrypted video calls that ensure a private and secure video calling. Well, no one of them provides end-to-end encryption till the date, however, Zoom has said that it will offer end-to-end encryption feature for all the paid Zoom meetings in the upcoming months.

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JioMeet is completely free for now, you can host a meeting with a maximum of 100 people for unlimited time (24 hours), which is more than enough. On the other hand, the free plan of Zoom also includes 100 participants but you can host a meeting only for 40 mins. And in the paid version meetings can be hosted with a maximum of 1000 participants for 24 hours at a $14.99/user/month charge.


Obviously JioMeet better than Zoom, and in this case, we will go with JioMeet to enjoy endless free video-conferencing, but yes if you need to host a meeting with more than 100 participants, so in that case, you need to opt Zoom.

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Multi-Platform Support

JioMeet is available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Web. While Zoom can also be used through Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Web, and also in the Linux operating systems.





Well, Zoom gets tremendously popular throughout the globe during this lockdown-due to the increased need for video-calling and conferencing to maintain the workflow without any thwart. And JioMeet is a newbie in this race, it is launched a few days back in India and still has more than 100,000 downloads over Google Play Store.

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Final Verdict

Indians are supporting made in India products too much, and hence JioMeet is also a product of Indian company Reliance Industries Limited. So obviously getting huge love and support from India. Due to recently banned 59 Chinese apps, and ongoing controversy between India and China lead Indians to support national and local products.


This may be a reason that we are writing and comparing JioMeet a newly launched application with a video-conferencing giant from the last few years who gain huge popularity, and which is widely used throughout the globe. Here we compared both the video-calling platforms deeply. Initially, we have said that JioMeet better than Zoom only if JioMeet will overcome some of its lacks.

JioMeet is only available in India as of now, so if you are outside of the country, then JioMeet is not for you. Also if you need to host a large conference with more than 100-200 participants, so JioMeet is not for you. But in small meetings, JioMeet is recommended, because JioMeet is a growing platform and has more potential to perform much better than existing video-conferencing platforms.

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