Government Issues Warning Against Zoom, Here is Why?

Government Issues Warning Against Zoom
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As you might well know that Zoom has been in a lot of controversies lately because of its security issues and other stuff such as hackers selling Zoom accounts on the dark web.


Because of this controversy and issues, Indian Government issues warning against zoom and suggest to not use it.

Government Issues Warning Against Zoom

The Cyber Coordination Centre(CyCrod) that works under the Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) has released a detailed advisory that says that the Zoom app should not be used by Government officials for official work because it is not safe.

India’s Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) had issued multiple warnings in the past regarding the video conferencing on Zoom.

Why is Zoom Unsafe?

There are multiple reasons that the video conferencing app is actually unsafe,

  • CERT-In says that using Zoom might allow attackers to steal sensitive information.
  • Zoom conferences can be easily hacked. A recent example is the hacking of the Broadcast Audience Research Council(BARC) meeting which had to be stopped in midway because hackers took control of the chatting box on the app.
  • CERT-In says that even authorized participants can do any malicious activity during any Zoom meeting.
  • If the app is not used properly, Unwanted people can also join the app anytime during the meeting.
  • Ministry of Home Affairs hints that Zoom can be used easily for DoS attacks.
  • The Zoom app doesn’t have end-to-end encryption.
  • Zoom also faced issues regarding the leaks of personal emails and photos with a possible issue in its ‘Company Directory’.

In total, the Zoom App isn’t that secure and reliable for confidential meetings and any meeting for that matter as there are many security flaws and very easy for hackers to breach and take users’ data.

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