Google Stadia on Any Android, the phone, if rooted

google stadia on any android
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The cloud-based gaming service, Google Stadia which was earlier deemed as revolutionary and now that it has come out, people are having a very lukewarm response to it. Nonetheless, it is still a very revolutionary thought, which needs to be put into better motion.


Google Stadia

Google Stadia is very demanding, be it storage, bandwidth or even the essential variety of games that are missing, but it is still an ambitious project. Cloud gaming, the term itself sounds as futuristic as it can get.

google stadia on any android

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Google Stadia on Any Android Device

Pixel phones were expecting the privilege that PlayStation players were experiencing for the past few years now, exclusive games that were really the dominant force for crowning PS4 the console of the generation. But it turns out that Pixel users are not the only ones in for this treat. 

Instead, it seems like anyone and everyone is in for this deal, granted that you have an android phone and if you are willing to get it rooted. XDA-developers have managed to get away around it, which was officially supposed to be restricted to Google Pixel devices only.

Rooting your phone using Magisk, and a PC with ADB installed, follow our root guide, then after downloading the Stadia app, you can start playing.

Stadia apparently only checks for two system properties to confirm if your phone is Stadia-ready, but rooting your phone isn’t a risk-free solution. But it is still worth the risk if Stadia eventually delivers and if you have a phone to spare. But in all seriousness, this opens new avenues for gaming, the phones are certainly a hallmark to this technology besides streaming on monitors and screens.

The whole point of Stadia’s initial launch was to be confined to the Google ecosystem, at least for phones. Then again, how many people bought the Pixel for Stadia? 

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