Top 7 Unique Android Games – June 2020

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Android gaming is a trending area and gets updated timely with a lot of new and astounding games, Android users can enjoy thousands of new games every month. However, we have some amazing and unique Android games to enhance our gaming experience.


In this article, we will discuss the top 7 unique Android games that are available on the Google Play Store, you can avail most of them at free of cost while others are paid ones. We aren’t going to discuss those famous games like PUBG, COD, Candy Crush, all of those games are exciting, but everyone is familiar with them, so we will not include them.

We have included some unique Android games which will give you a mesmerizing and an incredible experience. Some games aren’t that famous but still so much fascinating and satisfy its users each time.

Top 7 Unique Android Games

So, let’s get started with some unique Android games for a unique and enhanced Android gaming experience.


This is a puzzle with lots of mental challenges and logical problems, which let you use your brain logically. This is an amazing game; you can solve most of them very easily if you think a little bit about how they work. Each level has its own logic and requires different sanity and reasoning. As the level increases, you will face more mental challenges and you will enjoy more while solving them.

Unique Android Game

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If you need any help you can use the light bulb button that will appear after a while in the top right of each level to get a hint. There are various hints for each level. This is really a unique Android game with some logical reasoning and many challenges.

Die in 100 Ways

Die in 100 ways is a thriller yet horror game and more fun game. In this game you will have to work on a death plan’s, or you will be provided with 100 ways to die! The lives of delightful characters are in your hands now, this game’s villains are not stereotypical monsters, killers or demons, but death itself.

This is funny and horror too, you need to prevent the worst from happening in all kinds of fatal accidents manipulated by death. Death’s intention is to reclaim the lives of all these adorable characters, and your job is to keep those charming characters alive while crossing through a bunch of action-packed mini games.

Unique Android Game

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Right now, it has 24 challenging new games and others are on the way and will come soon. The game is easy to play with lots of fun, and challenges. The game has stunning graphics and animations.

Brain Dots

The most adorable game Brain Dots you don’t need to do anything much to master this game. It has more than 40 million downloads on the play store. Developed by Translimit, Inc. and this is an amazing puzzle game. The only thing you need to do is to “bump two balls.” It is an amazingly simple yet exciting game though we considered it as unique.

Unique Android Game

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The rules of this game are amazingly simple, you need to bump the two balls, clear first stage, and on moving further as stages increase you will have more fascinating tasks. One should try this unique Android game at least once. This game will test your brain abilities. You can create your own stages, for now, this game has more than 3 million created stages. This game is available in more than 12 languages and played worldwide.

Slap Kings

Slap someone or be slapped this is the tagline of this amusing game by Lion Studios. This fascinating game will test your strength and timing skills, so you can generate the most powerful smack. This game is so much entertaining and easy to learn that’s why it is in the list of Techlatest’s unique Android games.

Unique Android Game

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It possesses simple yet addictive mechanism, you need to utilize your all strength with proper timing, this game will teach you time management, and test your strength too. It has so many amusing, charming characters challenging you to check who is the best slapper out there. Whether you want to smack, hit, slap, or fight, this game is for you. Slap Kings is the true slapping champion game.


Mini Metro

Another incredible, entertaining game Mini Metro, this game requires your management skill. It is the paid game but doesn’t cost a huge amount and gives you a captivating, and remarkable experience. This is a simple game as you need to connect the dots to draw the track but on the other side, it is hard as you need to use your brain so that how you can connect the dots efficiently to safe cost and time both.

This game is all about designing a subway map for a growing city. You will draw the lines between stations and run your trains, as new stations open you need to redraw and manage your paths. You will have limited resources and it is up to you how you can manage all of your resources and can run a city with them.

Unique Android Game

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The overall game is really fun as you see a whole city working with the resources provided by you. You can feel the excitement from the beginning of the game.



This is an old but still popular and amusing game for the gaming enthusiast, recently PAC-MAN has celebrated its 40th anniversary with a new UI highlighting the five bold colors of PAC-MAN and the Ghosts. It is the widely popular videogame which has been survived for 40 years.

PAC-MAN is the retro arcade game you know and loves, and now it is much better than before. It has classic mazes with new features which is more marvelous. You can join the weekly tournaments and token rewards!

Unique Android Game

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This game has unique challenges with exclusively new mobile mazes! The game is easy to learn but tough to be a master, this game is designed with addictive mechanism, after starting it once you will be unable to left it in between.


Sonic Dash – Endless Running & Racing Game

If we are talking about Unique Android games and we will not mention a racing game this isn’t possible. Sonic Dash is a stunning racing game with astonishing 3D environments. You can jump, dash, spin your way, and exploring an amazing 3D environment. You can swipe your way over and under challenging obstacles in this fast and frenzied endless runner and racing game!

The game has charming graphics, with Sonic Dash you will feel your beautiful world has entered your mobile or tablet. It offers multiple amazing characters so that you can choose your favorite one and win this most challenging racing game. Moreover, it offers ingenious power-ups to boost up your running you can unlock it, or you can win the power-ups, you can also buy them. Also, you can collect head starts, shields, ring magnets, to win the race by beating other characters.

Unique Android Game

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This game is fun, you should try it for once.


The Bottom Line

Here, we have discussed, top 7 unique Android games. We are sure there are thousands of other mesmerizing games available in the play store. Let us know in the comment box if you know some other fascinating games and those aren’t in the above-mentioned list.

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