Best Free Solitaire Games for Android


  • Catching up with Solitaire on your Android phone is something you do to always keep in touch with a deck of cards for entertainment.
  • However, it does include in-app purchases for which you would look out for alternatives.
  • When looking for free apps, our list of Solitaire-like games for Android has covered you all.
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Solitaire gets your card-shuffling fingers twitching, but your wallet groans at paying to flip through a pixelated deck virtually. Fear not, eager gamer! This guide pinpoints the most stellar free Android solitaire options to scratch that playing itch.


The classic Klondike version still rules supreme for good reason. Simple, straightforward gameplay uncomplicated by fancy add-ons allows a zen-like focus on strategic stacking. But modern mobile reinventions prove solitaire can shake things up while retaining addictive enjoyment.

We’ve identified Android’s free solitaire gems – from faithful digital renditions to bold remixes, packing power-ups, tournaments, and more into your private card session. Say goodbye to mundane bus rides or distracting lunch break scrolls. Now, enjoyment is just a download away.

Join the countdown as we review supremely rated picks guaranteed to meet all your solo-playing fantasies at zero cost. Refine that winning strategy before challenging friends with these free and fantastic Android solitaires.

List of Best Free solitaire games for Android

Here we discussed the Best Free solitaire games for Android, which you can play without any hassle and with ease of user experience:

1. Solitaire by MobilityWare

The first one on the list is Solitaire by MobilityWare! The go-to choice for Solitaire enthusiasts! This one is known for its authenticity and massive popularity.

Exciting daily challenges with points and trophies up for grabs. You can play against the computer, challenge your friends, or compete with Solitaire pros worldwide to climb the global ranks.

Sure, there are ads, but here’s the good news, you can wave them goodbye with a quick in-app purchase. And guess what? Users hardly mind the ads because the game is just too much fun! Dive into the world of Solitaire with MobilityWare and experience the thrill for yourself.



Here are the features of this app:

  • Play this Solitaire by drawing 1 card or 3 cards.
  • Use the app in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Enjoy Vegas scoring for an extra challenge.
  • You Check out your game statistics.
  • The app supports tablets, including Honeycomb.
  • Save space by installing it on your SD card using App2SD.

If you want more options like this, then you can choose the other best option next.

2. FreeCell Solitaire Card Game

Introducing FreeCell Solitaire Card Game, Another one by MobilityWare, a card game you won’t want to miss on your device!

FreeCell Solitaire is an excellent brain teaser that players worldwide love. If you’re familiar with how to play FreeCell, you’ll feel right at home because this mobile version stays true to the classic game.


Like other card games by MobilityWare, this FreeCell app comes with daily challenges. And let’s talk about those challenges – they add extra fun with different goals for you to complete daily! Give it a try, and enjoy the game.


Check out the features of the game here:

  • Easy-to-follow FreeCell solitaire game rules.
  • Clear, beautiful, and easy-to-read cards.
  • Customize your background and cards.
  • Move cards with a simple tap or drag-and-drop.
  • Enjoy unlimited undo and smart hints.
  • Keep track of your stats.
  • Save your game progress if you get interrupted.
  • Play in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Use auto-complete to finish the game.

But still, if you aren’t satisfied with this and want to explore something new, our next inline will satisfy you.


3. Solitaire Grand Harvest

Solitaire Grand Harvest is a delightful game to turn to when bored. It introduces a unique twist to the classic solitaire experience by immersing players in a charming farm-themed setting.

As you progress through the levels, you collect crops and bonuses, each presenting specific goals that add an extra layer of strategy to the game.

Additionally, occasional ads are popping up, as mentioned by some users. Despite these drawbacks, Solitaire Grand Harvest remains a popular choice for those looking for a fun and visually engaging solitaire experience.



Look at some of the attractive features of Solitaire Grand Harvest:

  • Classic solitaire with card-arranging gameplay.
  • Farm-themed storyline with crop collection.
  • Multi-level challenge with time constraints.
  • Daily tasks for extra rewards.
  • Power-ups like shuffle and undo for faster progress.

I hope you got a suitable game for timepass, but still not; then the next one will fill the blank to your satisfaction.

4. Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Guess what? Even Microsoft has its own Solitaire game app! If you’re a 90s kid, you must know that Microsoft was among the first to bring digital solitaire to good old Windows 97.

Staying true to tradition, they’ve made a solitaire app, giving it a slight touch of nostalgia with the classic ’97 design.


The app offers both classic rounds and daily challenges for a bit of fun. It’s a cool way for the younger crowd to check out what games were like on computers back in the day. So if your thing is about feeling nostalgia yet exploring something fresh, this could be your best choice!


The great features of this multiple-inclusive game app are here:

  • Included Games like Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, TriPeaks, and Pyramid.
  • Choose difficulty levels, which are especially useful in challenging games like 4 Suits Spider Solitaire.
  • Daily solvable challenges for each game, earning coins and badges upon completion.
  • Earning stars to unlock new tasks in-game packs.
  • Customize with Classic, Aquarium, Fable, Western, Beach, Autumn, and Jumbo themes.

But if you’re not a fan of nostalgia and go beyond the freshness of games, you can check out the next.


5. Solitaire Super Pack

Like the previous one, a Microsoft Solitaire Collection, The Solitaire Super Pack has over 270 Solitaire games, giving you a new one nearly every day. So yes, if you want to see a variety in one bundle, consider this one.

The cards are easy to see on your phone, and the app keeps track of your play data, turning it into cool stats and charts. Check them out to see how you’re getting better at Solitaire! Also, the graphics in the app look nice and are super detailed.


The exciting features you must see of the Solitaire Super pack:

  • Enjoy over 120 fantastic solitaire games.
  • Intuitive Auto Play and One-Tap functions.
  • Optimized layout for all mobile devices.
  • Celebrate victories with unique Game Stats and engaging charts.
  • Check out cool stats like Fewest Winning Moves and Longest Win Streak.
  • Get animated in-game instructions and hints.
  • Customize the game to your liking with a variety of options.

Still, if you are in the quest to have a stand-alone unique solitaire app, our next one will win your heart.

6. Solitaire Klondike

Klondike Solitaire, a long-loved card game globally, is now conveniently available on phones. Engage in daily online competitions for rewards and keep the excitement flowing with game ratings. Play against the clock if you wish.

The game features victory animations and a customizable neutral grey background. Large suit images on the cards ensure easy visibility, catering to all experience levels. If stuck, players can get hints for assistance. Enjoy the timeless fun of Klondike Solitaire anytime, anywhere.



The additional features of this version of Solitaire that make you don’t-miss-this-game mindset:

  • You can play offline.
  • Enjoy landscape mode by turning the screen in any direction.
  • Use auto-complete for quicker gameplay.
  • Low battery consumption with an optimized OpenGL game engine.
  • Run smoothly on old and weak Android devices.
  • Optimise gameplay for tablet devices.
  • Use the magic wand to reveal a random closed card when stuck.
  • Choose between dealing by 3 cards or 1 card.

Though you can consider this feature-riched solitaire app for your mind exercising, and if you wish more like this, go for the next one.

7. Solitaire City

The Solitaire City app serves the purpose and lets you play Solitaire online with around 70 game variants. It provides hints for beginners and guides them on the right moves.

To achieve higher scores, aim to complete levels quickly, and your results can be compared on the leaderboard of top players. One of the beauties of the game which lets you challenge the online world and decide to prove them all!



These features are the reason to have you constantly playing the game you should check out:

  • Landscape and portrait support for flexible gameplay.
  • Rotate the device during play to switch orientation.
  • A timed scoring system adds an extra challenge.
  • Enjoy impressive graphical effects throughout the game.
  • Track your performance with detailed statistics.
  • Create your unique sound themes for a personalized experience.
  • Benefit from unlimited undo for strategic play.

Thus, you can enjoy various solitaire games and improve your skills with Solitaire City.

8. Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Pyramid Solitaire Saga is a well-loved game that perfectly balances ease of play and challenge.


This popular app, available on Android and iPhone, delivers the timeless appeal of solitaire with an easy experience for everyone to pick up, yet offers a deep challenge for those seeking mastery.

Uncover hidden treasures and advance through a fantasy world by clearing cards in various solitaire levels and puzzles. Unlike King-developed games like Candy Crush, Pyramid Solitaire Saga is ad-free, featuring only in-game purchases.


The features of this Amazing Solitaire app that you won’t miss by witnessing that:

  • Captivating graphics set in Ancient Times.
  • Explore magical realms with Helena, the Treasure Hunter, and Kingsley, the clever gerbil.
  • Utilise powerful boosters to conquer challenging levels.
  • Progress through exciting levels.
  • Easy and enjoyable gameplay.
  • Conquer hundreds of adventurous levels, with more on the way.
  • Seamlessly sync the game across devices.
  • Play on both mobile and tablet devices for convenience.

So, If you want to explore the Solitaire world with interesting graphical realms and full of utilities, then this should be your smart choice.

The Conclusion

Android’s extensive library offers free specialized apps for all. Recreate Klondike’s meditative card stacking or embrace reinvented formats with power-ups and global leaderboards.

Choices range from downsizing the original gameplay for mobile to completely reimagining versions perfect for on-the-go.

Whether you have a few minutes waiting in line or hours to immerse in tireless shuffling action, a top-rated free solitaire game for Android is tailored for you.


Say goodbye to solitaire monotony. With specialized mobile versions now just a tap away, rediscover the timeless fun of arranging cards with unlimited personalized versions optimized for Android play.

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