5+ Cool YouTube Tricks to Make YouTube Browsing More Fun

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We all use YouTube for entertainment and learning most of the skills. The YouTube database is so extensive and good that it nearly has everything that one needs. The cool YouTube tricks make it more fun and easier to use YouTube.


There are some official YouTube tricks that are in place and then there are some other tricks that use third party websites. In this article we are going to discuss 5+ YouTube tricks that will enhance your browsing experience.

5+ YouTube Tricks

Before we begin, a lot of these tricks work well only on desktop. So, it is advised that you use a desktop or a laptop to use these tricks. With that said let us begin with our tricks.

Create GIFs from YouTube Videos

Yes, you can create GIFs from YouTube video and its very easy. Just click on the video and at the address bar, add ‘gif’ before youtube and you will be redirected to a GIF editor with your video present there.

YouTube Tricks

You can choose what happens with the GIF and edit your favorite part. Plus, there are different tools that you can use to create different lengths of GIFs. So I think one should really try it out.

YouTube Tricks

Start a Video at a Particular Time

You can start a video at a particular time, just click on a video, and at the end of the URL just add #t=time. For example, if you want a video to start at 2 minutes 2 seconds the type #t=2m2s at the end of the URL.

YouTube Tricks

Get Rid of Ads

Are you one of those guys who watches lengthy YouTube videos and is tired of constant recurring ads? Well, we have a satisfactory solution to it. Just go to the video you want to watch and seek it to the end and replay it again. Boom! All ads are gone now, and you can watch the video interruption-free

Get a Video on Loop

Want to listen a song on repeat? Just go to the video and right-click on the video and you will see an option on ‘Loop’, click on it and the video will be on repeat mode

YouTube Tricks

Download YouTube Videos with Ease

You can easily download a YouTube Video in any desired quality in very simple method. Just add ‘ss’ before ‘youtube’ in the video URL and you will be redirected to a download page.

YouTube Tricks

Convert to MP3

Want a YouTube Video in MP3 format? Go to Listen to YouTube, paste the URL of the video, and convert your favorite videos to MP3 format.

YouTube Tricks

Boost the Volume of Your YouTube Videos

Are you frustrated too with the limited amount of volume boost that is available on the YouTube player? Here is the solution for it if you use VLC player. copy the URL of the video and open VLC player, press CTRL+N and paste the video URL and the video will be played in VLC player where you can boost the audio up to 200%.

YouTube Tricks

Download an Entire Playlist from YouTube

Just copy the URL of playlist and go to YouTube Multi Downloader and paste the link and you will be able to download an entire playlist from YouTube easily.

YouTube Tricks

Watch  360° Videos on YouTube

 360° Videos are fun to watch and you should try it at least once. The 360° Videos are more fun to watch on mobile compared to desktop. Click on the link and go watch the videos.


So, these were some of the cool tricks on YouTube. Do try them and let us know.

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