5+ Methods to Watch Movies with Friends Online

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Do you want to watch movies with friends online, hang out, spend time with your loved ones but can’t go out due to this coronavirus epidemic, Don’t feel alone, you are always connected with your friends and family no matter how much miles away you are, you can watch movies with friends online, you can chat with them online, you can play games with them.


In this pandemic, the Internet is the only method of staying together while maintaining social distancing. Many of us are doing work-from-home, people are enjoying video-calls for hours and so many activities, all schools, and colleges are running over the Internet. However, everything is not that boring, you can still have fun without going outside while sitting at your own pace. Do you love watching movies with friends you can that too in this lockdown, while everyone is at their home? Yes, you can watch movies with friends online. If you want to know how? Read the complete article, in this article we discuss 3+ methods to watch movies with friends online.

Methods to Watch Movies with Friends Online

Still, wondering how it is possible? Don’t think too much, overthinking is dangerous for health. Just read out this article, we are discussing 3+ methods to watch movies with friends online.

Netflix Party

Netflix’s party is an amazing way to watch movies and shows with your friends and family together. When everyone should have a Netflix account and chrome as a web browser, also keep in mind it will not allow any webcam or audio chat, you can enjoy continuous playback sync and an interactive chatbox. Netflix Party is a completely free service, the only condition that every participant should have a separate Netflix subscription. You can enjoy movies together with friends just to follow these steps

 watch movies with friends online
  • Download the Netflix Party extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Open the Netflix on your browser, and paly your favorite show.
  • Click on the “NP” at the top-right corner.
  • Click on “Start Party”. [You can enable “Only I have control” to restrict all the playback controls to yourself.]
  • A link will be generated, copy and share it with your friends
  • Your friends can join the party after clicking on the link.

You can play, pause, fast-forward movie it will be sync with your friends too, so everyone can enjoy the movie with real-time settings. Additionally, an interactive chat-box has also been provided on the right-side, so you can chat with your friends simultaneously.


There are some things that you need to make sure before you can stream the movies on Discord, you need to own a Discord Server or at least be a part of a sever. Moreover, you’ll need voice chat room access and a chat-ready headset and a microphone.

 watch movies with friends online
  • Log in and go to the settings option.
  • Scroll down and find Gaming Activity and click on it.
 watch movies with friends online
  • You will see a button labeled as “Add it” at the top of the screen.
 watch movies with friends online
  • Add the program that you are using to play the movie or show.
 watch movies with friends online
  • Once you’re done adding the program, come back to voice chat room and you’ll see your program as a small title on the bottom of the screen, just above the “voice connected” indicator.
  • Click on the program and you will find a “Go Live” button. Click it and your movie or show will be live.


Scener is another method to watch movies with friends online. Scener is a platform where you can watch Netflix movies and shows together while using your webcam and audio chat too. So, in this way you can enjoy video chat too while watching a movie or any show. To enjoy shows with Scener, you need to follow the following steps

 watch movies with friends online
  • Download and Add the Scener extension from the Chrome web store.
  • After downloading, you will be redirected to Scener’s website.
  • Here, create your free Scener account.
  • Open Netflix and Sign into it.
  • You will see an extension for Scener from the toolbar, click on it.
  • Click on “Create Private Theater”.
  • Scener will ask you for enabling your camera, click on “Yes”.
  • Scener will provide you an URL, copy that and share it with your friends.
  • Your friends will need to Sign in their Netflix account and then open the Scener link.

After this you can enjoy watching movies and shows with the live support of video chat.


MetaStream is another method to stream movies with friends online with complete sync and chat options. Here, with Metastream you don’t need to create an account and no need to go through any set-up process. It also supports a thorough list of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and many others. Metastream is completely free of cost but sadly, it doesn’t support video chat features like webcam and audio chat. To get started with Metastream follow these steps:

 watch movies with friends online
  • Download the Metastream extension from Chrome or Firefox.
  • After downloading, pick a display name for yourself by opening the Metastream portal.
  • Click on “Getting Started”.
  • Click on “Start Session”.
  • After this, click on “Add Media”.
  • Now, you can paste any video link from the Internet, click on “Add to Session”.
  • Now for sharing the link with friends, click the “Invite” button from the “Users” window.
  • Copy the link and share it with your friends.
  • As your friends request to join, click on “green mark” to approve the request.
  • If you want to chat with your friends, click on three dots.
  • Now, click on the “Chat” option.
  • Enjoy chatting too along with watching the movie.

If you want to add shows in a queue you can do it through the “+” button. Also, next time if you wish to watch movies with your friends online through Metastream you can find it on the toolbar.


Kast (Rabbit) is another amazing streaming method to watch movies with friends and family together over the internet. Kast is not an extension that can be used over the web browser, it is a software download and install it to your device and enjoy Kast with many features. Kast is not only for Watching the show together, but you can also share screens and video and audio too. This is a complete combination of Zoom and watch2gether. Another mind-blowing feature of Kast is that you can share your streams and gameplays with up to 100+ friends. So, you can easily watch movies and other shows on platforms like Netflix, YouTube.

 watch movies with friends online


Watch movies with family, friends, and loved ones with voice chat using MyCircleTv. This is the best feature to watch a movie while feeling like you all are together. It is not essential to create an account or get registered over MyCircleTv, but registered users have some more benefits than non-registered users. Some of them like

 watch movies with friends online
  • A profile where you can manage your history, and watchlist.
  • You can upload a video up to 5GB on myCloud storage.
  • You can have a record of your past invites and you can track all your watch parties.

Download MyCircleTv


Final Verdict

This lockdown could be more boring for the people who used to spend time with friends, hang out, go shopping, watch movies, have late-night parties, and do other fun activities. But don’t be sad just keep patience, you will relive those days after this lockdown. Till then you can spend time with the help of technology and the internet.

You can enjoy streaming movies, shows, web series online together with your friends and family by using all of the above-mentioned methods and this is a good idea to watch movies with friends online, you can spend time together and also can have fun together. Instead of sitting in your rooms alone and getting bored. However, some of us can feel some issues during watch parties because they are not able to watch shows of their choice. I hope you find the content useful, and you will enjoy movies together using any one of the above-mentioned methods.

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