Best K-Drama Sites to Watch Korean Series

Best K-Drama Sites to Watch Korean Series
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Who doesn’t know about K-Pop and K-Drama nowadays? There was a time when learning Spanish and French was considered a privilege enjoyed by people having high standards.


Nowadays, being multilingual is necessary, and anybody can adopt any culture they come across. The modern-day generation is more about a go-with-the-flow vibe.

A new world is in front of us where every simple thing can become a trend in seconds. Everything has its pros and cons. The internet generation has created a flood of multicultural influences on us.

One such groundbreaking industry is the Korean entertainment industry. Known for subtle love stories, complicated relationships, emotionally tormenting ones, and forget the creepy horror ones.

Korean dramas have been attracting a global audience for a long time, and the pandemic has given an even bigger boost to it. A major source of the success of the Korean industry lies in the popularity of K-Pop groups.

Blackpink and BTS. And how can we leave behind the biggest streaming platforms that support these contents extensively?

Best K-Drama Sites

We are providing you with relevant sources where you can enjoy your favorite shows hassle-free. Please feel free to reach some of these best K-Drama sites and enjoy your time.


In the everyday part of our lives, Youtube is always the first. Whenever we want a sip of refreshment, we jump across videos and shorts on Youtube. Youtube is like a huge shelf safely keeping records for every kind of entertainment industry live across the globe now.

Best K-Drama Sites to Watch Korean Series

K-Dramas are present on this platform episode by episode. 


These have been subbed in English or have subtitles, making them comfortable to enjoy. Youtube Tv is the new facility presented to us by this platform on some pricing tag.

  • All most all of them are free

  • All kinds of entertainment available at one-stop

  • Great video quality

  • Allows usage of one subscription by up to 6 members of family and friends

  • Hefty pricing on TV subscription

  • No content can be watched offline

  • Sports fans will be disappointed by the less attention on this sector

  • Viewers’ discretion, copyright, and restrictions on free videos.

Rakuten Viki

The flag bearer of the Asian Continent is giving the world some goals for a perfect exclusive content provider. The all-purpose Asian series provider is way ahead of this time. We can surely enjoy the content together with our friends even living on a different continent than you’re in.

Yes, that’s so cool, right!! Even the content provided in the free section is quite versatile and up to the notch. You can see the hidden jewels by clicking on the subscription button.

Popularity is not always the quotient for success. The delivery of updated content with every Asian country covered is special and embraceable.


More than 200 languages worth of content is now streamed on Rakuten Viki, which seems quite impossible but true.

  • Has most content in the present day, especially Chinese ones.

  • When it comes to joining hands with enemies to bring on that extra edge Viki is never back. Making a deal with Kocowa has made it the only platform with most K-Dramas too.

  • Tiers or levels of the subscription program. So efficient and budget-friendly.

  • The accuracy in subtitles implying correct meaning to it is prioritized in Viki

  • More than 200 languages worth of content

  • Subtitles are a bit slow appearing and content is not in HD it seems.

  • Loading of sites is sometimes not possible. Appears to be a temporary problem. Still, once trouble is always a trouble, no escaping it.

  • As Kocowa has become the partner in crime with Viki, watching specific locked contents is impossible without upgrading Kocowa. Viki is surely keeping their partners happy. I believe in this effort they might lose loyal viewers.

  • Subscription prices going on a hike with subber not being paid their fair share is a crime according to me

  • Some bits and pieces are left un-subbed carelessly.

Myasian Tv 

Lovers of Asian content, be ready for another breath of sigh, as here is another free content provider with quality the same. Malaysian Tv promotes culture and stories from major cultural centers and other ones like Hong Kong and Thailand.

The systematism shown by this streaming platform is incredible. Good for people wandering around in dismay. It provides a systemic year-wise category-wise description of the series.

So if you feel free like a crazy person on a lifetime vacation- watch every month’s contents. Then too, one might not complete all of them for quite a long time.

  • Quite systematic for a huge content provider like this with respective categories based on viewers’ likeness.

  • Most of the Korean Drama available is totally free.

  • Instantly downloading function available with each episode arranged for you.

  • You can set your own quality of videos but obviously, all of them are in HD

  • People take it as fraud or scam and are found searching for the reality behind it. There are little to no cons I can find in this amazing app.


As the name suggests, it might give you a fever for K-Drama. This streaming website was originally made for releasing documentaries.

Yes, we are talking about Warner Bros; can you imagine the production banner of Harry Potter bringing you a website for Korean drama.

All major Korean Tv Networks are legally in license with Dramafever, namely, Seoul Broadcasting System, Korean Broadcasting System, and Munhwa Broadcasting.

The level of this platform is reaching the skies. Most of the content viewers of this platform are American audiences, as you might have guessed. It is among the most deliberately famous video streaming websites you can come across.

  • The subscription fees are highly affordable

  • The yearly subscription might grant you an additional download button so that you can enjoy your favorite drama series all day long.

  • Additional regional dramas like Chinese ones are also premiering here. Has a catalog for separate evergreen series.

  • The app interface is easy to understand and user-friendly.

  • Specially selected TVN dramas are presented in subscription with a hassle-free environment.

  • Because of the growing competition and all networks being licensed already, you might get 1 or 2 K-Dramas for a while and might have to wait.

  • Likewise mentioned above slowly dying Korean Drama content and showcasing predominantly Chinese drama.

  • It is a good collection of series if somebody wants to visit and revisit their golden days. But when it comes to newer content Dramafever is lagging behind.


A toddler also might know about Netflix, the Godfather of all the video streaming platforms. The Pandemic has led to a revolutionary shift from cinema halls to our home theatres. The vast content in one spot is always a good idea to bring the family together and enjoy.

Best K-Drama Sites to Watch Korean Series

In addition, the multilingual contexts available on Netflix are way more than you can imagine. Covering each section, 333including Japanese anime,  Korean drama, Chinese movies, and Spanish web serial Versatility and product quality makes Netflix an ace player.

  • We know Netflix is Netflix when it comes to quality and you probably can’t find the best quality content anywhere else even for KDrama.

  • A lot of exclusive shows are not available anywhere else.

  • Netflix streaming KDrama is a Pro for the whole KDrama community and fans themselves as a large audience are being introduced to what has been more of a cult fan following.

  • Already high and rising prices of subscriptions are throwing off a lot of Netflix subscribers. Even in the last month, there has been a recorded loss of subscribers for Netflix.

  • Very Late releases. This tests our patience to wait for the best quality to release on Netflix or to watch on other sites that put up content much earlier.

Asian Crush

AsianCrush is the major provider of Asian content of all genres and kinds in North America. AsianCrush gives you the tv Series, Movies, dramas, and Animated content in an easily accessible digital library.

You can also get their subscription plans to get rid of the advertisements and access the exclusive content on their platform.

  • English sub-titles for better accessibility to all people.

  • Free version available for everyone

  • Variety of content across movies and series.

  • Exclusive content is paid.

  • Only works in North America and needs VPN to be accessible from anywhere else.


For Asian movies, dramas, or series, MyDramaList is one of the biggest social platforms for Asian culture. They have plenty of movies, series, and new dramas available online on their site, including a large number of Kdramas.

This is for people looking for a bigger platform with content in the field of Kdrama and much more.

  • Large database with not just Kdrama but a lot of movies and series and even animated series for a larger audience.

  • They have their community forum with lists and feeds and much more.

  • Completely free of cost content over all genres.

  • The large majority of other drama and movies means that the site does not especially focus on KDrama, so the content is somewhat less.

  • Advertisements can be excessive sometimes.


Another excellent source for watching Korean drama online is Kshow123. It lists all 240p to 1080p dramas, series, and movies with English subtitles released in Korea, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

The website itself is a huge collection of dramas, and it has become one of the most appreciated sites for users. This is because they do not pester the users with unlimited advertisements. Instead, they have a minimal ad plan, and they give the best quality video.

  • High-Quality content in various HD formats

  • Minimal Advertisements

  • Sleek design which is easy to navigate and use

  • The site is often doubted to be unsafe for user information.

  • Being an unauthorized site brings with it the risks of phishing or other cyberattacks in the future while the site is quite safe currently.

Kiss Asian

KissAsian divides Korean dramas into categories such as drama, crime, friendship, etc. Moreover, with English subtitles, you can download and stay up to date on the latest dramas from Korea, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong for free.

  • Different varieties of drama are put up in a categorized manner to help pick up the right choice for your mood.

  • English subtitles for all the shows make it a superior choice for international watchers.

  • A free version is available for everyone to watch their favorite dramas.

  • Contains dramas from various Asian genres including Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong, Making it difficult for people trying to get into KDrama specifically.

  • A lot of content is old and the site seems to not be updating the new ones.

  • Too many ads on the free version so you have to pay to have ads blocked.


It’s a fantastic Kdrama site with a wide selection of Korean dramas and new dramas from Japan, China, Taiwan, and other countries. They’re divided into many genres, such as suspense, mystery, horror, action, etc.

Best K-Drama Sites to Watch Korean Series

Good drama is one of those sites that have been opened and closed, and many alternative sites have been made. They provide all the content for free and give you the dose of cute KDrama you need in life.

  • Free content in all genres.

  • Good categorization according to genres makes the user experience desirable.

  • A variety of video qualities helps to stream in all network situations.

  • The site has so many alternatives and sister sites that any original one is difficult to identify.

  • Many similar websites often lead to dangerous sites and phishing attacks and harm to your computer.


KDrama is growing at a rapid pace worldwide, and the craze is unbelievable. So it is apparent that there will be a lot of streaming platforms competing with each other.


For a first-time watcher, a bad streaming experience would mean leaving the genre before ever knowing it.

So it is important to select the best platforms for your viewing pleasure, and we have listed them for you. So, have a great weekend night popcorn party or procrastinate throughout the day with our KDrama sites.

Did you watch any Korean series in recent times? Let us know in the comment section. Also, bookmark this page for future updates as we will update this page frequently.

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