10 Best Torrent Sites for TV Shows

TV Shows
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Are you looking for the best torrent sites for tv shows? There are hundreds of torrent websites offering free TV shows and movies, but finding the best ones can be tricky.


It’s no wonder why people choose torrent sites to download TV shows and movies. They can download all the latest shows they want and view episodes on demand.

Also, P2P torrent sites have more recent TV episodes than media streaming providers. But, before you run out and download TV series via torrent sites, make sure to download them safely. There are many harmful torrent sites out there.

You can’t find these torrent sites in any search engine. So you have to open torrent sites directly and download your favorite TV show for free.

To help you in your search, we have compiled a list of some best TV Show torrent sites based on database, security factors, and Download speed.

Disclaimer: TechLatest doesn’t endorse or encourage any activities leading to illegal downloads of TV Shows from torrent sites. This listicle is purely for educational purposes and thus, user discretion is required.

Best Torrent Sites for TV Shows

TV Show Torrent SiteURL
Zooqle (Currently Down)https://zooqle.com/browse/tv/

How to Safely Visit and Download TV Shows/Series Torrent?

To ensure a safe experience while visiting and downloading TV series torrents, it is highly recommended to use a VPN (we recommend SurfShark VPN). A VPN encrypts your internet connection, providing anonymity and security. Using a VPN, you can protect your privacy and prevent unwanted surveillance while accessing torrent sites.

  1. First, go to the VPN website and subscribe to one of its plans.
  2. Download the Windows/Mac/Android Client.
  3. Log in with your credentials and connect to a Torrent-friendly country server (Sweden, Switzerland, Mexico, etc.).
  4. Start surfing now.

It is also important to stay cautious and avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading files from untrusted sources. Always use reputable torrent sites and consider using antivirus software to scan downloaded files for potential threats.

Also, we always recommend you use torrent sites using a VPN connection to protect your system and to hide your IP address.

1. 1337X Torrent

1337x - Torrent Sites for TV Shows
Video QualityUpto 4K (2160p)
Average Speed6.0 MBPS
Mirrors1337x.st, x1337x.ws, x1337x.eu, x1337x.se

1337x is one of the best torrent sites for the latest movies and TV shows. 1337X Torrent has a clean interface and contains few ads. The interface is simple and allows users to download movies, software, games, and more.

Moreover, you can easily search for specific files and use magnets to open links. If you’re interested in watching a torrent in streaming, you can even start a direct download from the external page. You can sort the results by leechers and seeders.

Genuine files will have a large number of leechers and seeders. The site also has a separate Extra Stats section, which provides lists of the top 10 torrents.


1337X Torrent allows you to browse the library for movies and TV shows and enjoy them wherever you go. There are several ranking lists of top torrents for a week, and you can also see the latest trending torrents.

The website also features links to movie and TV libraries. You can also browse through screenshots and posters of popular movies.

There is also a top 100 list of the month and a popular weekly content section. If you don’t find your desired movie or show, you can always pause your download and come back later.


RARBG - Torrent Sites for TV Shows
Video QualityUpto 4K(2160p)
Average Speed5.0 MBPS

The RARBG torrent Website is a free, high-quality alternative to other torrent websites. It has a simple and clean design. Like many other torrent sites, it is free to use.


If you have a VPN and wish to access the RARBG website, you can do so by using a proxy site. You’ll be directed to the website’s main page, where you’ll find several categories, including movies, TV shows, Games, Software, and more.

Users can choose from an extensive collection of movies and videos on the RARBG site. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to search for the content you want.

One of the best things about RARBG is that you will get the latest movies and TV shows in high quality. You can also download movies and shows in Blu-Ray or IMAX quality. You won’t find many ads or popups on RARBG which makes it a secure torrent website.

3. LimeTorrents

Limetorrents - Torrent Sites for TV Shows
Video QualityUpto 4K(2160p)
Average Speed4.0 MBPS
Mirrorslimetorrents.asia, limetorrents.zone, limetorrents.co, limetor.com, limetor.pro

The LimeTorrents Website is another popular torrent site. Its homepage is simple, with a lime green color scheme and a large search box in the middle of the page. LimeTorrents has many categories, including movies, TV Shows, music, games, apps, anime, and more.


It is very easy to use and works with most browsers. Once downloaded, users can enjoy the content on the LimeTorrents Website. It provides plenty of information about torrents and how they can be downloaded.

The site is also free of malware and spam. If you’re looking for the top 100 list, click on the “Top Torrents” link. It has a clean interface that makes browsing easy.

4. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent - Torrent Sites for TV Shows
Video QualityUpto 4K(2160p)
Average Speed5.0 MBPS
MirrorsBest ExtraTorrents Proxy

The ExtraTorrent Website is a great torrent website for TV shows and software. While the home page looks like any other torrent site, it has a few features that make it stand out from the rest.

Users can find the latest listed movies and TV shows on the site, as well as free music, games, anime, and reading material.


If you are a parent, you can view content that is appropriate for your kids. Parents, however, need to be aware that there are some adult-oriented sections on the website.

The interface of ExtraTorrent is easy to use, and it focuses on music as well as video. The search bar features tiles of popular music and movies, which is an excellent feature if you want to watch a movie or TV show.

You can browse through a list of all the movies and shows that you’ve been missing out on.

The ExtraTorrent website is a popular site for people who are looking for a free TV show download. It is available in several languages and covers a wide variety of genres. The site has a reputation for being safe.


If your ISP blocks torrents, the best way to unblock the ExtraTorrent Website is to use a proxy mirror site. These sites are essentially clones of the original site, but they replicate the content.

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5. TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads - Torrent Sites for TV Shows
Video QualityUpto 4K(2160p)
Average Speed3.5 MBPS
Mirrorstorrentdownloads.net, torrentdownloads.me

TorrentDownloads is another popular website that provides access to the latest TV shows and movies. The site has been around for decades and offers new releases instantly.

With millions of users, it is the most popular torrent site in the world. Moreover, it is safe to use because it does not require registering, and there are no ads or spyware to worry about. Additionally, it’s completely free and does not require you to register to access its files.


It boasts the largest database on the internet. Using a simple, user-friendly interface, users can browse torrent files and download them in a few minutes.

Unlike most similar applications, TorrentDownloads does not have a pop-up bar, which means that you can browse torrent files with just a few clicks.

You can also filter results by category or status. It also allows you to check the rating of particular content. Moreover, it takes around thirty to 40 seconds to find a torrent link.

Besides being free to use, TorrentDownloads filters out adult material and allows users to access their files without worrying about the legal implications. There are no restrictions and no need to register, so you can enjoy the benefits of TorrentDownloads without worry.


6. The Pirate Bay

ThePirateBay - Torrent Sites for TV Shows
Video QualityUpto 4K(2160p)
Average Speed6.0 MBPS
Mirrorspirateproxy.space, tpbpirateproxy.org/en, thepiratebay.rocks

The Pirate Bay is one of the best torrent websites to download the latest movies and TV series episodes. The website is the most reliable peer-to-peer sharing network. It allows users to download various kinds of torrent files for free.

The Pirate Bay is designed to be easy to navigate. Whether you’re looking for a movie, music, movie, or software, the Pirate Bay is the place to go. Once you’ve found the perfect file, you can start the download process.

While torrents are free, they’re still regulated, which makes it illegal to distribute them. However, if you’re not concerned about legalities, you can download the file without a problem.

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EZTV - Torrent Sites for TV Shows
Video QualityUpto 4K(2160p)
Average Speed5.0 MBPS
Mirrorseztv.wf, eztv.yt, eztv.tf

The EZTV torrent is one of the best sites to download movies, TV shows, and music. This site is updated regularly, has an enormous database of torrents, and can be downloaded directly through any mainstream browser.

EZTV search feature makes it easy to find the content you are looking for. It is a secure way to download a torrent. There are pre-configured categories that will allow you to download movies and TV shows safely.

Besides providing free movies and television shows, EZTV is also an excellent source for downloading the latest TV shows. However, copyright issues and censorship keep this site from attracting a large number of viewers.

8. Zooqle (Currently Down)

Zoogle TV Shows - Torrent Sites for TV Shows
Video QualityUpto 4K(2160p)
Average Speed3.0 MBPS
Websitehttps://zooqle.com/browse/tv/ (Currently Down)

If you’re a fan of movies and TV shows, you may have heard of Zooqle Torrent. It’s a new torrent site that boasts a large collection of media.


The front page of Zooqle features the most popular categories and offers detailed descriptions of each title. This makes it easier to filter out titles to match your preferences and genre.

Zooqle is extremely easy to use and has an attractive interface. It’s free, and a great option for movie and TV series fans alike. Users can contribute to Zooqle’s torrent list and download files from it.

Although you don’t need to register to download files, you’ll need to do so to make contributions to the website. The speed is moderate, and you may need to deal with ads, but if you’re a regular Zooqler, this is the best option for you.

9. WatchSoMuch

WatchSoMuch - Torrent Sites for TV Shows
Video QualityUpto 4K(2160p)
Average Speed4.0 MBPS

You can watch all sorts of content on WatchSoMuch Torrent. It’s easy to find something you want, whether it’s a TV show or a movie.


You can also watch TV shows and stream them, all of which you can find on the website. It’s possible to sort your selection by genre, year, ratings, languages, or other factors. There’s something for everyone on this site.

The creators of the website have stated that they want to ease the lives of their users. This is true and they do so by offering the largest collection of free TV shows available.

Although the site is completely free, they do offer premium subscriptions. The premium versions have higher streaming speeds, remove ads, and allow you to download unlimited quantities.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to KickassTorrents, WatchSoMuch might be for you.


It’s regularly updated with movies, but you may find it difficult to find older movies. Moreover, it offers free streaming, so you can watch movies and TV shows any time you want. It’s also updated with time, so you can watch what you want without buffering.

10. Torrends

Torrends - Torrent Sites for TV Shows
Video QualityUpto 4K(2160p)
Average Speed5.0 MBPS

The Torrends Website is not a torrent site, but it does provide information about torrents. When you search for a specific torrent, it displays information about the torrent. The site also gives you one link that you can use to download the torrent.

The website was originally called myBittorrent, but in 2009, the owners split ownership. While this site doesn’t actually host any torrents, it does provide users with information about them. It’s not a good idea to trust websites with no reputation.

Another benefit of the Torrends Website is its ease of use. The interface is very simple and easy to navigate, and the user interface is very user-friendly. It allows you to subscribe to different categories and titles and receive RSS feeds of new torrents.


A simple search will give you a list of torrents that are available for downloading, and you can click on them to stream them.

This site has an archive of new releases and Blueray/DVDs, as well as a featured torrent of the week. You can check some of the best torrent sites here and also check tracker lists.

Is Torrenting Legal?

Torrenting is a valuable technology that makes your downloading process short and easy. But it has a bad image because of piracy.

Downloading pirated content for free from torrent sites you otherwise need to pay is a violation of copyright law and is a serious crime.


But, of course, if the copyright holder has permission to share their content online, it can be downloaded. But, DOWNLOADING THE PIRATED CONTENT IS COMPLETELY ILLEGAL.

You should only download the content that is open to the public domain and use only those torrenting sites which are trusted, do not share pirated content, and are safe to use. Also, for a secure experience, check your local laws before torrenting.

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