Top 10 Best KissCartoon Alternatives

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A childhood without cartoons seems unimaginable. We all grew up watching cartoons. Their choices can quickly notice the craze for cartoons in a child’s life.


From Doraemon printed bedsheets, mickey-mouse-shaped pillows, miffy-shaped water bottles, and Pikachu-form school bags to their favorite cartoon customized crockeries, everything proves their love for cartoons. But do only kids love cartoons? 

Well, this is not true. There is no definite age for watching and enjoying cartoons or anime. If you still love cartoons or anime as an adult, this article is for you.

In this article, we will provide you with the top 10 Best KissCartoon Alternatives in 2022. So, you might not want to skip this article.

Disclaimer: TechLatest doesn’t endorse or encourage any activities leading to illegal downloads of cartoons from various sites. This listicle is purely for educational purposes and thus, user discretion is required.

Are you familiar with KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is a free website that allows you to stream your favorite animated series on the internet. And that too without any registration process or without creating an account. If you are a cartoon enthusiast and want to stream your favorite one in HD quality, KissCartoon is a one-stop destination. 

Moreover, the site is appropriately designed with a convenient user interface that your way to your favorite content without any hassle. Anyone can easily navigate the site to search for their favorite Cartoon or anime content.

Unlike other streaming websites, KissCartoon doesn’t host any content within servers. Its real strength lies in providing a well-organized and effortless categorization and arrangement of an enormous anime collection for its users.

Due to this, any user can easily find their favorite content. Therefore, KissCartoon is fast, reliable, and one of the best anime streaming websites. 

Whether the anime is super hit or underrated, you can find them all on the KissCartoon website. The wide range of free cartoon content available here is incredible, and there is hardly any other website that can offer such outstanding services.


KissCartoon initially started as KissAnime, but then it disappeared. Then it again reincarnated as KissCartoon. In the meantime, many mirrors or proxy websites have shown up with the same concept of anime streaming as that of KissCartoon.

But now, it’s challenging to say whether the site KissCartoon still exists or not. And in case it exists, then it is almost impossible to find it as there are hundreds of mirrors or proxies available for it.

Are KissCartoon Alternatives Still in Demand?

No doubt, cartoon content can never lose its demand. But the cartoon enthusiasts nowadays are turning towards the peer-to-peer file sharing alternatives such as BitTorrent.

They no more approach Cartoon streaming websites for their desired anime content. This can be difficult as users face problems while searching for a good KissCartoon alternative that can solve their purposes.


To solve this problem, we have come up with the top 10 Best KissCartoon Alternatives in 2022. We will disclose the list in this article only, so keep reading further.

Beware of Fake KissCartoon Websites!

With a growing craze for the KissCartoon Website, several duplicate ones also emerged. The clone ones were such a perfect copy that differentiating the original one from the fake ones became difficult.

This caused a decline in the demand for KissCartoon as the other fake websites started earning huge profits by using its domain name and popularity.

The fake websites fool many and gift them viruses besides providing other troubles. With endless pops and re-directs, such websites keep annoying the visitors.


Millions of cartoon enthusiasts are served by the clone websites every month. In addition to this, the mirror websites of KissCartoon are not going to leave the internet anytime. Only a true KissCartoon fan can differentiate between the real and the fake ones.

Basis of Selection of Best KissCartoon Alternatives

Before presenting our list for the top 10 Best KissCartoon Alternatives in 2022, let us first see what parameters we have selected for the best Kisscartoon Alternative.

  • Content offered
  • Monthly audience
  • Ad annoyance (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst)
  • VPN supportiveness
  • User Interface
  • Need for Account
  • Cost
  • Popularity

So, based on the above eight parameters, we have handpicked the top 10 best KissCartoon Alternatives for you.

The selected websites can be efficiently used on smartphones, PCs, or even tablets. Amazon Fire Stick can also serve the purpose well. Now, without any further delay, let us move on to the detailed list.


Top 10 Best KissCartoon Alternatives

All the below given KissCartoon Alternative Websites are currently working. Most of the websites we have selected are free and do not charge anything from the users. We have analyzed them based on the eight parameters which we have already mentioned above.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll - Best KissCartoon Alternative

Ad Annoyance Index: 3/10
Monthly Audience: 47M+
Official Website:

Crunchyroll is the first Kisscartoon Alternative to get featured on our list. It has almost everything that an anime fan may look for. The users can watch their favorite animated movies on Crunchyroll in high definition.

The latest anime episodes become available here just an hour after release in their native countries. Its news section provides information regarding the latest releases, soon-to-be-released shows, etc.

Crunchyroll has a vast user base. Its popularity can be estimated by the fact that it has 60 million registered users. The majority of its audience belongs to the 13-34 age group.


It allows its users to get rid of the annoying ads by paying a little subscription fee. But here, users need to create an account before using it for streaming. Moreover, this website is not VPN friendly; but the user can go for VPN split tunneling for a safe experience.

2. WatchSeries

WatchSeries - Best KissCartoon Alternative

Ad annoyance Index: 4/10
Monthly audience: 400K+
Official Website:

WatchSeries is the second KissCartoon Alternative to feature on our list. One of the best alternatives is its wide range of content availability.

It offers not just animes or cartoon shows but a lot more than that, including movies, series, dramas, and WatchSeries Guide. All of these are sufficient to attract a vast Manga crowd.

WatchSeries is a VPN-friendly website which makes it a safe KissCartoon alternative to use. Ad annoyance on this site is also low. But for using this website for video streaming, the user again needs to create an account.


3. KissAnime

KissAnime - Best KissCartoon Alternative

Ad annoyance Index: 7/10
Monthly Audience: 4M+
Official Website:

KissAnime is one of the best and closest KissCartoon Alternative, with a monthly user base of four million. It had a URL as, but due to some legal issues, the site went offline. But still, it has many proxies running and serving the users.

KissAnime is famous for its convenient user interface and content library. Moreover, the best part is that a user doesn’t need to create an account for using it. KissAnime works nicely with VPNs. Although, a high ad-annoyance Index can be disturbing for the users.

4. Anime Toon

Anime Toon - Best KissCartoon Alternative

Ad annoyance Index: 7/10
Monthly Audience: 900K+
Official Website:

Anime Toon is another best alternative to KissCartoon. It has almost the same content and categories as KissCartoon. Viewers can easily watch the freshly released anime content here. Dubbed anime, movie lists, and cartoon series are some of its popular categories.

Although its ad annoyance Index is high, it is still visited and used by a vast audience. It works nicely with VPNs, and the user doesn’t even need to create an account for it. Its alternative URL is


5. 9Anime

9Anime - Best KissCartoon Alternative

Ad annoyance Index: 7
Monthly Audience: 3.5M+
Official Website:

9Anime is not just an alternative to KissCartoon but has something more to offer. The website provides thousands of cartoon titles for streaming.

The new ones become available soon after their release in their original countries. Its primary domain is, although hundreds of proxies are available.

It allows the users to watch the anime or cartoon content in 1080p on offer. Therefore serious anime fans also like to visit here. Though the ad annoyance is high, other features like VPN friendliness and lack of account requirement make it a perfect choice for anime enthusiasts.

6. Toonova

Toonova - Best KissCartoon Alternative

Ad annoyance Index: 5/10
Monthly audience: 700K+
Official Website:

Toonova is used by around 7,00,000 users every month. It doesn’t have a high ad annoyance. Therefore, it is suitable for watching your favorite titles out of the thousands of available cartoon, manga, or anime titles.


The user doesn’t need to create an account for accessing the available content. Toonova works well with VPNs. Also, the content under various categories like Reading manga, dubbed anime, watching cartoons, etc., gets uploaded quickly after the release in the original country.

7. WatchCartoonsOnline

WatchCartoonsOnline - Best KissCartoon Alternative

Ad annoyance Index: 5/10
Monthly Audience: 750K+
Official Website:

WatchCartoonsOnline is one of the popular KissCartoon Alternatives, which offers a wide range of content for free under various categories like movies, subbed anime, series, dubbed anime, etc.

The website has a self-explanatory and user-friendly interface which makes navigation more accessible and faster.

WatchCartoonsOnline has a medium ad annoyance. It works perfectly with VPNs, and also, the user doesn’t need an account to access the content.


Its original domain was, but it disappeared a few years ago. Its clones or mirrors are available and serve anime content to the users.

8. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime - Best KissCartoon Alternative

Ad annoyance Index: 6/10
Monthly Audience: 1.4M+
Official Website:

No. 8 on our list is GoGoAnime. It is also one of the best KissCartoon Alternatives. It provides its users with various categories to select their favorite content.

Some available categories are Newest, Anime list, FBOX, etc. It allows the users to stream their favorite anime from a massive collection of English dubbed series as well as the user can also stream content with Chinese subs.

GoGoAnime is VPN-friendly and allows the user to access and stream the available content without creating an account.


9. Nick TV (Nickelodeon)

Nick TV - Best KissCartoon Alternative

Ad annoyance Index: 3/10
Monthly Audience: 700K+
Official Website:

Nickelodeon or Nick TV is a trendy alternative for watching a cartoon or animated series. It is an entirely safe and secure website for watching animated series.

The website features 100% legal content and has a clean and user-friendly interface. Children can safely watch anime on Nickelodeon.

The content available on Nick TV is limited but original and is free from any hidden dangers. The site serves HD content to a large audience.

10. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak - Best KissCartoon Alternative

Ad annoyance Index: 9/10
Monthly audience: 750K+
Official Website:

The last KissCartoon Alternative on our list is AnimeFreak. It is one of the best and most popular KissCartoon Alternatives available. The website is VPN-friendly and requires no account creation for accessing the anime and the available manga content.


Anime Freak’s website serves millions of visitors every month with thousands of available titles for anime and manga series. The users can watch its content for free and in HD quality.

Is Streaming on KissCartoon Safe?

No, not at all. Even the actual KissCartoon Website can contain malware hidden. So, what can you do? It would help if you had good antivirus software installed and a trusted VPN, ensuring your online safety while web streaming. With this protection, you can enter the anime streaming world to have a safe anime experience. 

Is KissCartoon Legal?

Whether content is legal or not, is a crucial aspect to consider before streaming any cartoon or anime series. However, there is no straightforward answer to it. But, a lot of things are available to consider in this case.

  • To provide any copyrighted content legally, the website needs to pay some definite amount to the copyright holder. A legal agreement should also be made for the purpose.

But KissCartoon is a free website, so HOW CAN IT BE LEGAL? Some say that the website earns money by showing advertisements to its visitors. But is that money sufficient to get rights for distributing such vast content for free?

  • KissCartoon serves its users in almost all countries of the world. Does that mean it holds a licensing agreement of negotiation with each copyright holder globally? Is the anime website paying the licensing fee to every copyright holder across the world? 

Well, that’s an almost impossible task to achieve. This may lead us to conclude that all or some of the anime content available on KissCartoon is PIRATED. But, this is not an officially confirmed conclusion.

  • DMCA forced the KissCartoon Website to shut down. Any safe and legal website usually doesn’t have to face this. This again makes us question IS KISSCARTOON LEGAL?

All the bullets mentioned above create ambiguity regarding the legality of KissCartoon. Now, users will think: Is everything about the anime website illegal?

No, not everything. The cartoon video content which is in the public domain or the content which is permitted to be shown by the copyright holder is safe to watch and is legal.



So, it’s your responsibility. If you are using some free website with all of your desired anime content and you are using it to watch the pirated content, then you are solely responsible for the consequences. 

We are unable to assess the legal status of KissCartoon. Besides, there are so many proofs that prove the fact that KissCartoon is providing Pirated Content. So, stream anime on KissCartoon at your own risk. 

We neither promote nor support KissCartoon and other similar websites. Everything in this article is for awareness and educational purposes only.

What if you Get Caught using KissCartoon or Similar Websites?

Two cases arise here:

  1. You were caught watching legally permitted anime or content in the public domain.

Well, there is no harm in this. You are safe while watching the content that is in the public domain.

  1. You were caught watching copyrighted content for free or pirated content.

When you are caught streaming copyright content it can pose a serious problem but not always. The consequences depend on the country you reside in.

All the countries have their laws regarding copyright issues.

Some countries have legalized piracy if it’s for personal use only. At the same time, some countries have laws against copyright violations, but they are not thoughtfully implemented.

The countries believe in shutting down the website that distributes pirated content rather than punishing the users, as was the case with the KissCartoon Website.

While in some countries, streaming pirated content or copyrighted content for free is a serious crime. Doing so can result in a heavy penalty or even some time in jail.

The Conclusion

Watching cartoons and animes reminds us of our happy and memorable childhood days. They are like a quick and comfortable escape from the real world of stress and anxieties to a beautiful world of stories and fantasies.

After the disappearance of the very famous KissCartoon website, it became difficult to trust and find a safe and sound alternative for it.

To help all the cartoon and anime enthusiasts, we have provided a well-researched list of the ten best KissCartoon alternatives available and working in 2022. We hope that you all will get benefited from this article. 

Do you watch cartoon series online? Tell us in the comments which are your favorite cartoon/anime series?

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