Most of us who are in their 20s and 30s are using OTT content provider streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and many. These streaming services directly compete with the TV broadcasters and their content.


So, in this article, we will be discussing the current Indian television scenario, and will these streaming services takeovers the classic TV in India?

So, to begin with let’s start with some of the advantages of Streaming services.

Advantages of Streaming Services

Well if you look at the advantages that come with OTT services, the list is quite long. However, there are some good advantages to these services:

Streaming Services

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Nothing is Time Bound

Gone are those days where you’d have to wait for hours for your favorite show to be broadcasted and goodbyes to irritating cable problems, power cut or any of that issue. With the new streaming services, users can watch anything anytime.

No show is time-bound so even if you get late at work or have to leave your show in mid, you can just pick up any time. For example, BBC is a British public service broadcaster that provides some of the coolest science content on TV but again it is scheduled for a particular time slot and if you want to watch it and you are not free then you will have no choice except to miss the show.

Also, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or some other OTT services just release a complete season together so you can also binge-watch the episodes you like anytime.


Huge Database of Content

These OTT services have a huge content database, you just can’t watch everything that is present on these content providers. Thousands of movies and shows that you have access to at any given time.

The good thing about having a content surplus by these providers is that users get to explore more and choose to watch something that they might like but were unaware of its existence. So that is also one good thing about streaming services.

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Personalized Choices

Not everyone wants to explore more, some people have a very selective taste and they want some relatable content. So, these services provide users with their personal choice of content. For example, if someone likes to watch videos about space, they can easily search, and they have numerous shows and documentaries related to space. There is more than enough content available for every taste.


Also, you will find incredibly unique and sometimes very controversial content on a streaming service that is just too bizarre and controversial to publish on the television. So, it also gives a platform to artists who want to express some woke thoughts that they couldn’t do on TV.

The Other Side

So, the other side is not actually a disadvantage or problem with OTT platforms, it’s just a problem with the Indian TV content and the craving for that content by the general population.

Here everybody just loves the drama and cheesy concepts that are offered by Indian daily soaps, movies, and reality shows. Most of the daily shows and movies just follow the same trend across different channels and they just feed drama because everybody loves drama. That is why they get away with stupid plots and logic. And as a result, we get stupid reality shows and movies.

Will Streaming Services Take Over the Classic TV in India? 1

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These shows are very illogical and crap when you watch them, and the directors just push the storylines with all sorts of weird twists and turns.

No matter how many streaming platforms you have and fast internet connections you own, sometimes you just want to switch to the TV channels and watch that crap daily soaps. Let’s admit that it’s fun to watch the drama.

Not all TV shows are bad some comedy shows and talk shows are good and you can watch them with your family and have an enjoyable time.

One of the other major problems that is quite noticeable is that even though OTT services like Zee5, SonyLiv do have all the daily soaps that are aired on TV and additional content, parents still don’t like to switch to these. Why? Well, one of the reasons is the habit of the cable TV environment. Parents do not want the hassle of browsing through the content.


They just like the cable TV way of things, just open the TV and you are ready to watch, switch to a channel and because the shows are mainly drama full of crap, so as soon as there are ads, parents want to switch to News channels or maybe another show. So, this constant switching of one channel to another is also part of the problem that makes it quite difficult for parents to switch to OTT services.

Another problem is that shows on streaming services are sometimes too bold and it is just too awkward to watch them with parents and sometimes the shows are less relatable to parents so they do not like watch it.

Will Streaming Services Take Over the Classic TV in India? 2

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Is the Shift Happening?

The shift to OTT services is slow at the moment as parents do not like to switch to such services in India but it’s definitely there and with more internet access and spreading of info, TV channels get called out for their crap on social media so this is also a shift that is coming and we are seeing some good content as a result.


The shift is there, and people are switching to streaming services like Amazon Prime and Disney+ Hotstar and other services too.

The time scale is relatively slow but in a few years it will accelerate and we will see more shift towards the streaming services and we will see the compelling results in the long run and also one of the biggest advantages in this cold war between OTT content providers and TV broadcasting channels is that both the content providers will be forced to produce good and quality content.

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