5+ Social Media Trends to Follow in 2022

Social Media
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Okay, we all know it’s some weird time, we are in the middle of a serious pandemic and the entire world is forced to stay home and we are seeing a surge in the use of social media amid the COVID-19 pandemic and there are some social media trends that follow.


Let’s admit the fact that life before the pandemic and after the pandemic will be completely different and social media will go through some changes.

Already social media is growing at an amazingly fast pace and half of the internet traffic comes from social media. So here are some of the social media trends that we are already seeing and will continue to see in 2022.

Social Media Trends

Well, social media is the best way of accessing information and entertainment. So, there are social media trends that are quite popular now and will be growing.

Growth of Short Video Content Platforms Like TikTok, Reels

Social Media Trends

It is one of the most important social media trends to look forward to. With the ongoing YouTube vs TikTok war kind of, the ratings of TikTok in India have definitely got down but TikTok also gained attention from many and look, “Any Press is Good Press” and TikTok is growing at a very fast pace.

Platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, provide creators to create short videos usually 1 minute in duration, and keeping the cringe element aside, there are some really good video creators that upload some really cool stuff like very short cooking and dancing videos on TikTok.

It is expected that the platform will continue to grow. And the calling out of cringe content creators by Youtubers might force some cleansing on the platform in India.

More Personalized Ads

With new algorithms by Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, it is easy for them to give you targeted ads and thus we will see this feature grow more in 2022.

We know that ads on social media can be influential and good. Personalized ads are good for the most part and the fact that these will just get better is even good.


Niche Social Media Pages and Platforms Will Grow More

So, let’s try to connect some dots, most people have a lot of free time to find similar people who share the same ideology or hobbies. Now, what they need is to get together and create a very likable environment for themselves.

So, let’s say you like Cosmology and you want to see more of that stuff.

So Instagram and Twitter are the most suited platform to get the info related to such stuff, and you will like these types of pages and people who share the same thoughts or are interested in Cosmology will follow it too and now the users have more time for engagement.

So, the growth of niche media pages and platforms will grow more. This is also one of the interesting social media trends to follow

Niche Social Media

Shift of News and Information on Social Media Platforms

We all know that there are hardly any mainstream media that does decent work at true journalism nowadays. The information is so censored and fake for most of the time that now the good ones are forced to switch to social media to get their news and information.

And the Social media didn’t disappoint, there are so many legit journalists, whistle-blowers on social media now that it’s hard to spread fake news. This is also a trend that we might see, the shift of good news sources and information from TV to social media.

Marketing on Social Media Will Expand

When we consider social media trends, it becomes important as a lot of marketing is done on Instagram and other platforms by brands and influencers and with this lockdown, the delivery of any product or service kind of stopped and there is no good scope of gatherings in public spaces anytime soon.

So, when the delivery of the products and services will start, marketing on social media will be the most effective way to endorse a product or a service.


This will expand marketing on social media in 2020 and brands will pay the pages and influencers more for this stuff. So, this is also going to be a good opportunity for famous pages and influencers to earn well in these challenging times by working from home.

Niche Social Media

Stories are cool, whether it’s from Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, or any of the other social media platforms. Stories create an incredibly good real-time bond between a creator and followers.

You get to know about what anybody is up to at a given time and has a very real feel to it. So yes! Stories are popular already and will be even more popular in the coming time.

Mobile Websites

Nowadays people hardly use the desktop of PC for visiting any website. Smartphones are used to visit websites and thus it becomes important that websites should be very well optimized for mobiles.


If they won’t load properly on mobiles, the chances are someone will hardly ever visit your site. So, mobile websites will be a thing.

So, these were some of the social media trends that will be interesting and cool to follow. If you do have some other trends that will come which I am sure are many, do let us know in the comments.

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