GTA V is one of the greatest games of all time and you can just make it even better by adding some mods. We have collected some of the top GTA V mods that are available for use. You can install them have a great modded GTA V playing experience.


Just a little warning: Keep sperate installation for GTA Online and modded GTA V single-player if you will switch between GTA Online and GTA V because if you play GTA Online with mods on, you might get swiftly banned on suspicion of cheating. With that said, here are some of the top GTA V mods.

Top GTA V Mods Available for Use


Top GTA V Mods

It is a mod that brings a new look to the beautiful streets of the game. It brings new weather, skies, and 4K textures to the game, all thanks to REDUX. It also has a reconfigured police system, better weapon feel, and behavior. REDUX also includes tweaks to vehicle handling.

World of Variety

Top GTA V Mods

The World of Variety Mod adds vehicles and other assets from GTA Online to single-player GTA V and it just makes the overall game more alive and fun to play. It also brings fancy cars from GTA V DLC.

GTA Vice City Remastered

Top GTA V Mods

With this mod you can bring the old classic Vice City vibes to your modern GTA V. With the complete remastering of Vice City from Lunchxbles, the mod is just incredible. You can also add Tommy Vercetti with a separate mod and make the old game completely refreshed.

Be Iron Man

Top GTA V Mods

Who hasn’t wanted to be a superhero at some point in their lives? By downloading this mod, players will be able to live out that dream in GTA 5 by becoming Iron Man. Players will be able to fly around in their own suit and shoot repulsor beams at their enemies. The upside to this mod is that there are actually several different forms of armor available for download, so players can choose one or all of them.

The Just Cause Mod

Top GTA V Mods

This mod will add some of the mechanics from the Just Cause games that will make navigating the world a lot more interesting. It gives players the grappling hook, infinite parachutes, the ability to surf on vehicles, and even allows players to eject themselves from vehicles by using the parachute. Even more fun though is that vehicles will now explode on impact after players eject out of them.

Funny Vehicles

Top GTA V Mods

If you get bored from driving the cars in GTA V and want something fun, then you can add some funny cars and drive them around in the game. Cars like a Batmobile, that weird thing from Flintstones, you can drive them all and have a fun time.



Top GTA V Mods

A zombie attack in a regular game is quite a thing now. So why not add it in GTA V? Well, you can! Add this mod and you will see the streets of Los Santos filled with Zombies and just kill each wave for bigger and better rewards.

So, these were our pick for the top GTA V mods, do let us know about others in the comments. If you are wondering how to install these GTA V Mods, then here is the best installation guide.

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