Where to Get an Alien Outfit to Join the Green or Purple Gang? [GTA Online]

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The gangs of goofy aliens have invaded GTA Online. You can spot these gangs sporting green and purple colors to stand out from other characters and to have a battle. If you wish to join either the green or purple side, you need to know where and how you can get your own alien outfit which costs a sum of money. Follow this article to know how to Get an Alien Outfit to Join the Green or Purple Gang in GTA V Online.


The current hype surrounding alien suits in GTA Online is because of the sudden appearance of gangs who have invaded the game without any warning. What we can infer from this is that these gangs create mischief like jumping out of their vehicles and whacking other people with sticks.

Get an Alien Outfit

If you want to get into this gang and be a part of this mischief befitting of A Clockwork Orange, you will have to get your own extraterrestrial outfit.

How to Get Alien Outfit in GTA Online

You can get the alien suit in GTA Online by visiting any in-game clothing shop.

Get an Alien Outfit
  • Once you’re at any of the in-game clothing shops provided by Rockstar in GTA Online, all you have to do is purchase a green or purple alien outfit.
  • You can simply do this by browsing what’s on offer, then proceed to Arena War outfits, select the Bodysuits, and then choose between either the green or purple martian bodysuit.

These items are locked meaning and you have to pay either $330,000 or $358,000 to unlock them

How to Join a GTA Online Alien Gang

Get an Alien Outfit

If you and your friends have matching outfits then you can create your own GTA Online alien gang. Or you can be a lone wanderer and simply join in the league of any random alien gang sporting the same outfit.You can find these gangs around or inside casinos, so you can start looking there if you want to be accepted by either side.

It won’t be a challenging task to spot any gang there are many players running around in those tight outfits and causing mischief.

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