Beta Update Suggests WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Maybe Coming Soon

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So there are numerous talks and reports that say, WhatsApp multi-device supports may be coming soon. Now according to the latest beta update for WhatsApp for Android, called the WhatsApp for Android Beta 2.20.143, there is a new loading screen that comes after the main registration screen that asks users to connect to a Wi-Fi network to proceed further.

Beta Update Suggests WhatsApp Multi-Device Support Maybe Coming Soon 1
via WABetaInfo

WhatsApp Multi-Device Support

WABetaInfo says, that user gets a message, “Using mobile data maybe slow, and may use a large amount of your data plan.”

A previous beta update showed an option to log into a new device using a WhatsApp account, while being active on the device already.

A post from twitter suggests that there will be a ‘Scan QR code’ in the new UI that will allow the users to log in to other devices. The will be a sub-text with the QR code that will say, “use WhatsApp on other devices”. This is indeed a really useful feature that is much awaited for a while now.

With WhatsApp multi-device support, users will be able to use WhatsApp on two or more devices simultaneously. Like use one WhatsApp account on two smartphones at the same time or use the same WhatsApp account on a smartphone and a tablet at the same time.

It is however unclear if the new feature will work across platforms. Like one WhatsApp account be simultaneously active on both iOS and Android.

WhatsApp suggesting the use of Wi-Fi in the new update maybe because the chat history for a WhatsApp account would be transferred between multiple devices. This is a good size of while for frequent WhatsApp users. Also the new screen suggests that WhatsApp is close to unveiling the multi-device support.

It is still important to keep in mind that WhatsApp multi-device support might take time to roll out as a stable update just like the dark-mode which took quite some time to come as a stable update. The beta features suggest that WhatsApp multi-device support is coming definitely but the time is unclear at the moment.



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