Upcoming WhatsApp Features Will Change Your Messaging Experience

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WhatsApp the most popular instant-messaging application avail numerous features to its users. Now these upcoming WhatsApp features will definitely change your messaging experience with the app. The company already provides so many amazing features and offers simple and sleek UI.


So here in this article, we are going to discuss some amazing upcoming WhatsApp features which will change and enhance your experience with the widely popular messaging application.

Upcoming WhatsApp Features

Multi-device Support

Upcoming WhatsApp Feature
Via WABetaInfo

WhatsApp is bringing a new multi-device support feature, and with this feature, the user can run the same account on two or more devices without logging out from the previous device. Initially, when this feature will arrive, a single user can sign-in into four different devices with the same account to sync data and use the app. This feature will be named as “Linked Devices” and you can access it easily by tapping on three dots at the top-right corner of the screen.

We don’t have any information regarding when this feature will arrive, this feature is in the development phase right-now, after development WhatsApp will release it on the Beta testing phase, then we will get to know more about WhatsApp Multi-device support. This upcoming WhatsApp feature going to be very useful for users, especially if a person uses two or more smartphones, or devices, so he/she can access the app from both devices.

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Self-destructing Messages

Upcoming WhatsApp Feature
Via WABetaInfo

Another great feature in the upcoming WhatsApp features includes self-destructing messages. WhatsApp also planning to bring back self-destructing messages feature. The company experimented with this feature last year but doesn’t implement it, although the feature is quite impressive, so WhatsApp’s latest Beta version has some references for the Self-destructing feature. Previously talks were suggesting that this feature will work with group chats only and other private chats will remain unchanged, but this is going to change. But now WhatsApp can bring a self-destructing messaging feature like other messaging services for the group as well as personal chats too.

User can set time frequency from options such as an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year to remove the messages. Well, this feature is quite popular in other messaging tool, so nothing surprising and new in this but having this feature in WhatsApp will enhance users experience with the app. We hope the feature will roll out sooner.

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Last Seen for Selected Contacts

WhatsApp can amaze its users with another craziest feature, which is you can hide your last seen only to specific contacts. This feature will be so much helpful to be anonymous on WhatsApp for some annoying people, you can turn off your read-receipt and hide your last seen from only those people to avoid them.


There is not much information regarding its release date and also when the feature will go into beta phase, but whenever it will launch, WhatsApp users will love this.

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Mute Always

Upcoming WhatsApp Feature
Via WABetaInfo

Another upcoming WhatsApp feature is Mute always, which can be used to mute annoying chats forever, but only at one condition when you will receive more than 50 messages from that contact, it is bit weird but WhatsApp is preparing the mute always feature only for selected chats.

This feature is also under construction phase and hasn’t released in the beta phase yet, rolling out of the feature in the stable build will take some time, and before the release of the public version it will go through numerous phases, so roll out of the feature would take time.


Messenger Rooms Integration

Upcoming WhatsApp Feature
Via WABetaInfo

A few days back, WhatsApp integrated the messenger rooms with WhatsApp Web, and some previous leaks also suggest that WhatsApp integration with messenger room is coming to the Public Beta version soon. So we can expect that WhatsApp will soon release messenger rooms in mobile devices as well.

Closing Phrase

So, these were some amazing upcoming WhatsApp features, which will extensively change your experience with the app. Almost all the above-mentioned features are under construction mode and will come to the WhatsApp soon. There are a lot of good features that will be coming in the future but WhatsApp is known to delay these updates for everyone so it will be interesting to see when these updates will roll out as a stable update for everyone.

As soon as we got any update related to the upcoming WhatsApp features, we will update you with the help of our article. Moreover, if you also know some more upcoming WhatsApp features which are missing from this post, kindly share them with us in the comment section, we will try to update the article accordingly.

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