How to Run Two WhatsApp Numbers Simultaneously Your Phone

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The majority of us use dual sims and every now and then we want to run two WhatsApp numbers simultaneously on our phone. There is a strong reason for it, it is that we want our personal and professional people and their WhatsApp numbers different and that becomes important sometimes.


In this article, we are going to show you how to run two WhatsApp numbers simultaneously on your phone. So just follow the methods mentioned below.

How to Run Two WhatsApp Numbers Simultaneously on Your Phone

Native Cloning

Some of the smartphone brands have an inbuilt cloning feature that allows you to do clone the particular apps and by this, you can run two WhatsApp numbers on your phone.

For Samsung

If you have a Samsung phone with One UI, go to handset’s settings> Advanced features> Dual Messenger. Once you enable it, you will have the option to select the messaging apps that you want to clone and the second app will appear with a bit smaller icon to tell the difference. Also, it is very effective and useful as you will get a separate contacts list for the cloned app.

For OnePlus

Most of the OnePlus smartphones have this feature already, and to use it just go to App> Parallel Apps. You will get the option to clone some of the apps and you can create a parallel WhatsApp and it will be represented in the orange icon.

Run Two WhatsApp Numbers Simultaneously
Run Two WhatsApp Numbers Simultaneously

For Xiaomi

Go to Phone’s settings> Dual Apps and select WhatsApp. Then you will be able to create a new WhatsApp parallel to the primary one.

For Vivo

Go to Settings> App Clone and you will be able to create dual apps for WhatsApp and be able to use two numbers simultaneously on your phone.

For Asus

The option to turn on dual app clone can be found in your device’s settings.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business also allows you to run two numbers at the same time and works on both Android and iOS. The disadvantage however is that if you switch to a business account, the person on the other side will know it right away and that is a bit weird and confusing. But if you are okay with that, it is a good option and setup is also very easy, just download WhatsApp Business from App Store or Play Store and set it up. It icon is a bit different so its easy to detect.


Creating Parallel Spaces

If your phone does not support cloning natively and you don’t want a WhatsApp business account, then you can create parallel space on your phone and then you can easily clone some apps. This method is not very hard but requires some resources and third-party apps will have access to your data. If you’re cool with that, you can go for it.

So, these were some of the methods by which you can run two WhatsApp numbers simultaneously on your phone. Also note that the first and the third method also works for other messaging apps like Telegram, Instagram, Messenger.

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