5 Ways to Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving the Contact

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At a few times you might encounter a situation where you’d like to send short messages to strangers but you don’t really want to save their number or it’s a very quick situation that you don’t have the time to save their number. So, you can use the 5 methods given below to send whatsapp messages to numbers without saving the contact.

5 Ways to Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving the Contact

Method 1: Use wa.me Links to Send WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp provides an official way to contact an unsaved number, but not within the app. As given in this FAQ, you can start a chat with any phone number by opening a browser, and going to the web address https://wa.me/phonenumber. Replace the last part with the full number, including the country and region code, but without any + or or () or 00.

For example, if you want to chat with the number +919876543210 in India, you would go to the URL: https://wa.me/919876543210. Type it in the browser and you’ll get the web page below with a big green Message icon. Tapping on it opens a conversation with that phone number in WhatsApp (if the number is registered on the service).

Method 2: Use Click To Chat app to Send WhatsApp Messages

If the above method seems a little confusing or slow for you, you can use an app to speed things up. Several Android apps use these wa.me links but in a non-user-facing way — i.e. you don’t have to type a URL or pass by a web browser first. You simply enter the phone number, tap a button, and you’re taken to a newly-created chat in WhatsApp.

Among these apps, Click to chat is the lightest (113 KB), has no ads and requires no permissions to speak of. Easy Message is another good alternative without ads and with few permissions.

Method 3: Use Text selection and App Actions to Send WhatsApp messages

The third method is the easiest, fastest, and best-integrated one to send WhatsApp messages. Whenever you have a phone number in any app, you can simply select the corresponding text, and check the suggested actions. The main ones are always Call, Cut, Copy, Paste, but if you tap the three dots, you may see more options including sending a WhatsApp message. Just select that and the chat will be started.

  • Type +phonenumber (including the + and country code at the beginning) in the Google search widget on your home screen
  • Then tap to select it, and tap the three-dot button.
  • An option to send a WhatsApp message should pop up if you have a compatible device.
send whatsapp message

In our testing, this works on both Android 9 Pie and 10, but only on stock devices (Pixels and Android One). We saw the other actions on Huawei, Samsung, and OnePlus phones, but not the WhatsApp one.

Method 4: Send WhatsApp messages to Unknown Numbers Present in your WhatsApp Group

This method is eligible only if you want send whatsapp message to an unknown number who is present in a group you both belong.

  • Open the group
  • View group members
  • Scroll down till you find the desired number you are looking for
  • Tap on that number.
  • Choose the first option. Viz, “Message <mb no>

That’s it! Then you can send messages to that person.


Method 5: Send Whatsapp Message using Web App

This is a very easy and quick method to send a whatsapp message. The initial method can only be a text or link but not an image/video/file.

  • Open https://sendmsg.netlify.app/ on your smartphone.
  • Type in the number including the country code but not with the ‘+’ sign.
  • Then type your message in the message box given below.
  • Click on the send button. It will redirect you to Whatsapp and open a chatbox with the person. You can then edit your message as you like and send anything you’d like to.

You can try any of the methods above according to your ease to send WhatsApp messages.

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