How to Use Dark Mode on WhatsApp Desktop?

WhatsApp Dark
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WhatsApp is currently the most famous Instant Messaging app. Every second smartphone user uses WhatsApp either for work or entertainment. And also, dark mode is very common these days, WhatsApp has already rolled out Dark Mode in Android and iOS but not in WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web. Follow this article to Use Dark Mode on WhatsApp Desktop without the official rollout.


The desktop versions of WhatsApp do need an active synced connection with a WhatsApp client on either Android or iOS, so users are limited with what they can do. Still, having the ability to send WhatsApp messages through a desktop really helps out if you spend a lot of time on your computer and do not want to pick up your phone for every message. 

Dark Mode on WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp is still working on Dark Mode on WhatsApp Desktop, but if you just don’t want to wait and use the all favorite Dark Mode on WhatsApp Desktop then you need to thank the XDA Developer m4heshd who has created a styling mod for WhatsApp for Desktop that themes the desktop client with a dark theme to make it easier on your eyes. This mod with its NodeJS installation script targets elements responsible for the UI and does not touch any of the underlying code responsible for the working of the client.

Steps to Use Dark Mode on WhatsApp Desktop

  • Download the application for your system either Windows or macOS.
  • Launch the WhatsApp desktop app on your respective devices.
  • Now, you need to extract the zip file on the computer. Once done, run the WADark.exe or WADark.
Dark Mode on WhatsApp Desktop
  • Wait for a few seconds until the theme installs. (Make sure WhatsApp desktop is synced and running on the computer)
Dark Mode on WhatsApp Desktop
  • Once done, you will now see the new dark mode interface.
Dark Mode on WhatsApp Desktop

Final Words

This is how you can use dark mode on WhatsApp desktop on Windows 10 or macOS. To revert the changes, just rerun the script folder. It will ask you whether you want to restore the backup version or not. Simply click on the restore option to revert the changes.

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