WhatsApp May Soon Support Multiple Devices

WhatsApp to launch a new feature
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Here in India, WhatsApp is the to-go messaging application for pretty much everyone across all the age groups. WhatsApp has clearly changed the messaging game and offers some really cool features on board. One of the things that WhatsApp lacks is that you can’t use it on multiple devices. Well, it seems that this problem would be wiped out soon, too!


WhatsApp working on the multiple device support feature

In November 2019, People from WABetaInfo found out that some hints that WhatsApp is working on multiple device support features. Now, while exploring the latest WhatsApp beta APK they found out convincing evidence that WhatsApp may soon launch this feature. While testing they found out that, “When someone adds a new device in his WhatsApp account, you will be notified because encryption keys change.”

If this turns out to be true, then users will be able to use WhatsApp on different devices like their mobiles, tablets and other devices. This will be different than WhatsApp Web. With the new feature in effect, users will be able to verify their accounts in the WhatsApp messenger on various devices.

As the feature is still under development so its unclear how it would actually work. It could work like WhatsApp Web in which one device needs to remain online for other apps to connect to or it can work like Telegram where apps connect to the service independent of other apps.

While this will definitely be a good feature, it will make the user’s data more vulnerable to social hacking. So it will definitely have some security concerns. But as long as WhatsApp is working to sort that out, I think we are good.   

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