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GTA Online Drug Wars
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GTA takes a top spot when it comes to playing engaging games. Players have always loved multiplayer action-adventure games. Based in the fictional state of San Andreas, the game’s competitive matches are always fun.


Some days back, Los Santos Drug Wars LLC was released in GTA Online. It has kept all the players on their toes who are trying to perform their best in the game.

GTA Online Drug Wars - GTA Online Drug Dealers

More and more players are trying and exploring new content that has brought new challenges. Also, the new storyline of ‘The First Dose’  is worth your time with modern features and graphics. 

In this article, we will tell you more about street dealers in GTA and about the GTA Online Drug Dealers Locations.

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Who are the street drug dealers in GTA Online? 

There is a new set of street dealers in the GTA Online game. They are an essential part of the drug trade in Los Santos.

You can spot them in the game, sitting or walking on the street corners. Or else, they would have exchanges or dealings in the local places every day.

The street dealers are an exciting element in the game that is similar to the one in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.

If you want to find or know about their work in GTA Online, you can probably find them in specific locations that change daily. 


How can you use Street Dealers in GTA Online? 

You will find three random street dealers at a new location every day. In its big map, you can see its location marketed with a speaking bubble design. Through those speaking bubbles, the players talk and eat with the drug dealers to sell drugs from your products.

For instance, if you run a Nightclub, you will have a product to sell. Without running any business of a  Motorcycle Club, Nightclub, or Acid Lab, you cannot sell that specific product. 

Streets dealers usually purchase, 

Moreover, daily street dealers have a favorite drug. So, if you sell that drug, the dealer will give you a special price.


It means that the three dealers will pay a higher price for a particular drug every day. If you sell the highest quantity of all kinds of drugs, your map icon will be grey. 

From the recent week updates, the street dealers are giving more money to the players selling them drugs in the week. When you deal with them daily and earn, you can save time and bring multiple perks. 

But, the most challenging part is finding these street drug dealers. The main reason is that you won’t see them on a map until you go close to their locations. So, you need to stay alert and find them in the alleys or streetways that are mostly isolated. 

GTA Online Drug Dealers Locations Today

You can earn significant money from the Street dealers of GTA Online if you manage an Acid Lab, Motorcycle Club, or Nightclub.


So, rather than going for complex and lengthy sell Missions, you can sell the drugs to earn. It is a simple and time-saving method that will bring multiple benefits.

Also, it will increase your weekly bonus. Here we have listed the three locations of the Street Drug Dealers for today, i.e., April 24, 2024.

GTA Online Drug Dealers Locations Today – April 24, 2024

LocationPremium Drug
Billingsgate Motel, RanchoWeed
Sandy’s Gas Station, Sandy ShoresAcid
LTD Gasoline, GrapeseedMeth

P.S.: The location for street dealers has 30 possible spawn locations every day. However, the areas of street drug dealers change daily. So, these locations mentioned above may not be suitable in the future. 

Five Common Places To Find Street Drug Dealers 

After these specific locations, let’s Know about some common drug dealer locations in GTA Online that you can check any day: 

  1. Vangelico Jewel Store

Located in the neighborhood of Rockford Hills, it is situated in Los Santos. Vangelico Jewel Store is a famous drug dealer located in the game. The store is erected between a few alleys and side streets where drug dealers are spotted. 

  1. Vespucci Canals

Going by its name, Vespucci Canals is a network of canals. It is situated near the Vespucci Beach neighborhood of Los Santos. The Vespucci Canals is a popular and familiar location for street drug dealers. There are side streets near the canals where local drug dealers sell drugs. 

  1. Mirror Park

It’s a popular neighborhood on the Eastern side of Los Santos. Multiple isolated places make it a good spot for finding drug dealers. For instance, you can find them in the alleyways and side streets of the site. 

  1. Del Perro Pier

Another good spot to find drug dealers is the Del Perro Pier neighborhood in Los Santos. You will find many drug dealers in the hidden areas of this neighborhood where drugs are sold. 

  1. Los Santos International Airport

The Los Santos International Airport has a big parking lot where you can find various drug dealers. Even near airports, there are several alleys and streets to find drug dealers. But it would help if you were careful at this location because you can get arrested by the police for purchasing drugs. 

After understanding the locations of Street dealers in GTA Online, let’s know how you can use them in detail. 

Street Dealer LocationGang
Abandoned Mexican On Marina DriveRednecks
Alleyway Dux and Luxury Autos Rockford HillsBallas
Beachfront, Ineseno Road, Banham CanyonStreet Punks
Globe Oil Gas StationBallas
Los Santos Customs, LSIALos Santos Triads
Nelsons General Store Chumash Plaza, ChumashThe Lost MC
Papa Surf on Vespucci BeachArmenian Mob
Raven Slaughterhouse Cypress FlatsVagos
Benefactor-Gallivanter Downtown VinewoodStreet Racers
Bilingsgate Motel, RanchoThe Families
BJ Smith Recreational CenterThe Families
Broker ParkStreet Punks
Caesars Auto ParkingBallas
Car park Maze Bank ArenaStreet Punks
Cottage Park, Rockford HillsStreet Punks
Decker Park, Little SeoulKkangpae
Eastern Motel, HarmonyRednecks
Foreclosed North, Alamo SeaRednecks
Grapeseed, Behind Park View DinerThe Lost MC
House at Cape CatfishHippies
Route 68Rednecks
Jetsam Terminal on Buccaneer WayArmenian Mob
La Mesa – Ammu-Nation on Poplar StreetVagos
Mirror Park, Above Cool Beans Coffee HouseThe Lost MC
Near Bishop’s Chicken, Tataviam TruckstopMadrazo Cartel
North side of LTD Gasoline, GrapeseedThe Lost MC
Palmer-Taylor Power StationMadrazo Cartel
Pleasure PierStreet Punks
Ray-n-Mays Up-n-Atom Burger DinerThe Lost MC
RON and 24/7 Lago ZancudoStreet Punks
Sandy’s Gas StationRednecks
Senora Desert Trailer ParkHippies
Service Bay west side of Rockford Plaza BurtonKkangpae
South Seas Apartments, Paleto BayStreet Punks
Thomson Scrapyard Grand Senora DesertHippies
Under 1237 Prosperity StreetStreet Punks
Paddle White Water Activity CenterStreet Punks

Frequently Asked Questions

Which drug is sold the most in GTA Online?

The most-sold drug in GTA Online is Cocaine. You can earn up to GTA$ 112,000 without spending any penny by selling it.

Also, it is the fastest-producing business. We say so because one supply stock is made within 24 minutes and the complete batch in 120 minutes. 

Can you get drugs in GTA 5 Online?

With the new update, you can sell and deal with drug dealers in GTA Online. There are special missions and modes related to the trading and dealing of drugs.

But, you cannot sell or buy drugs in the game mode, although people are seen driving on the street corners.

The Bottom Line 

GTA Online is a popular game because of its gameplay and storyline that keeps the players intrigued for a long time.

In the last few months, updates have brought interesting storylines and content to the players’ love. So, they actively take part in them. 


Every day players are keenly following new ways and using recent locations to find Street dealers to sell them drugs and earn. But, for that, you need to have a business.

Also, it would help if you spotted the drug dealers who can give you the market price of drugs when you sell them specific products. 

The article mentioned above lists the latest location of street drug dealers on April 09, 2024. Apart from them, we have listed the familiar Places where you can mostly find drug dealers.

We hope that you can find the right drug dealer in those places. If you have any doubts about finding street dealers or selling drugs on GTA Online, mention them in the comments section, and we will surely answer them. 


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