Games are everyone’s favorite. It is the most popular area in the Google Play Store. The reason is that everyone loves playing games and there is no lack of games available on the Play Store. So the unique Android games are really fascinating.

In the third edition of Top 7 Unique Android Games- July 2020, we are going to list the 7 unique Android games that are available on the Google Play Store. These games are quite different from the famous games like PUBG, Clash of Clans, etc.

Top 7 Unique Android Games- July 2020

Cover Fire

Unique Android Games

Cover Fire is the first game on the list. If you are looking for a decent offline shooting game, Cover Fire is one of the best. The very good feature of the game is that its offline, has very decent graphics, you can do side missions to earn gold, new characters, weapons. You can also compete online if you like.

The good part is, this game focuses on the complete shooting basics, just focus on shooting and no other crap. It has assault missions, sniper missions, demolition missions. So if you are looking for a basic shooting game that focuses on core shooting only, this is the perfect game.


Unique Android Games

The wildly famous card game UNO! It is loved by many and there are many reasons for it, it is a great time passing option, you have to use your mind to plan to win. The card game is available online too.

You can play the classic card game online with millions of other people and wind rewards, you can create rooms, tournaments, and many other cool stuff. The game overall is very fun.

Neo Monsters

Unique Android Games

This game is very underrated and is one of the coolest games available on the Play Store. You have to go and hunt for monsters, make the collection and take part in battles. There are around 1000 monsters in the game that evolve like in Pokémon.

Train the monsters, take part in battles in different leagues, and become a champion. There are 100+ online missions that will earn you many rewards. The game has a lot of potential and is very fun to play.

Lapse: A Forgotten Future

Unique Android Games

The premise of the game is very fascinating. The world went through an apocalypse and this is a post-apocalyptic scene after the year 2075. You have to lead an entire nation. Very interesting, right?

You have to take decisions by swiping right or left. The decisions that you take can affect the entire progress very drastically. So you have to take the decisions very carefully. As mentioned, the premise of the game and the whole theme is very interesting and you will definitely enjoy playing it.

Just Jigsaws

Unique Android Games

This one is really good for kids. It will save you some bucks as you won’t have to buy some jigsaw puzzles for your kids from which they get fed up real quick. Just Jigsaws provide a very extensive library of jigsaw puzzles.

You can have any type of puzzles and more interestingly, you can create your own puzzles too. The game is very good and interesting to play. If you are an adult then you can try the more complex puzzles too.

Two Dots

Unique Android Games

Connecting dots is easy, right? Well just try this game and you will have a different perspective. The whole setup of the game is very simple, you have to connect similar dots to solve the puzzle.

The game can be dramatically difficult and you might end up scratching and stressing your brain to solve the puzzles. The game has some relaxing songs. The game is casual but really interesting.


Smash Hit

Unique Android Games

Travel through some of the unreal imaginary and some real dimensions smashing some obstacles and targets that come in your path. The game has synchronized music that is very cool.

The overall premise of the game is unique, it displays some cool destruction physics in different dimensions and stuff. So this game is fun.

These were some of the unique Android games that took a spot in the July 2020 edition of the series of Unique Android Apps and Games. Do try these games and let us know how much did you like them.


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