Most-Played Online Games in India During the COVID-19 Lockdown

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Online games, for example, PUBG, Minecraft, Fortnight Battle Royale, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, World of Warcraft, and Clash of Clans have seen expanded footing during May – when the nation was under the coronavirus-driven lockdown – a SEMRush study has appeared.

Most-Played Online Games in India During the COVID-19 Lockdown

About 22 lakh individuals played PUBG in May, and next was Minecraft which was played by 8.2 lakh Indians. Different online games like Fortnight Battle Royale, League of Legends, Counterstrike, World of Warcraft, and Clash of Clans was played by 8.5 lakh, 1.5 lakh, 1.5 lakh, 1.1 lakh, and 1.1 lakh individuals separately.

Not simply online games, numerous Indians are taking an interest in online competitions also.

A Surge in the Amount of Time and Number of People Playing Online Games was Observed During the Lockdown

From January to April, the number of searches for competitions like International, Fortnite World Cup, Counter-Strike, Pokeman World Championships, and League of Legends World Championship expanded by 81 percent, 22 percent, 84 percent, 255 percent, and 50 percent separately.

With regards to gaming consoles, Nintendo Switch was the most looked in April with 1.1 lakh searches, then Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4 with 0.49 lakh searches through each, and Wii u with 0.02 lakh look.

Most-Played Online Games in India During the COVID-19 Lockdown

The examination likewise observed critical ascent in online searches for Mobile Premier League (MPL). From January to April 2020, there was a 406 per cent expansion in the number of searches on MPL, the investigation said.

For mobile games, India’s top choices are PUBG Mobile, Subway Surfers, Ludo King, Garena Free Fire, Temple Run, Angry Birds, and Clash of Clans which were looked through 10 lakh times, 8.2 lakh, 18 lakh, two lakh, 2.4 lakh, 1.6 lakh, and 1.1 lakh times separately from January to April this year.

There is no denying that Indians are investing a lot of energy during the coronavirus-driven lockdown in playing online games.

As indicated by late Nielsen information, time spent on playing online games has expanded by 44 per cent in the week beginning May 16. During the pre-COVID period (seven day stretch of March 16), this expansion was at 11 per cent.


It was in the week beginning April 25, when web-based gaming saw its top, with time spent on the mobile phone per user expanding by 62 per cent contrasting to the pre-COVID-19 period.

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