Children are considered the most intellectual and growing minds. Although they are not old enough to enjoy entertainment videos.


Such as Movies, Series, TV Shows, and IPTV Channels. However, here we are back with this incredible collection of the best Educational Games for Children.

The purpose of offering this brief review is to provide access to the competitive collection. That allows the kids to use their sharp skills to resolve the puzzles including tricky circles. Resolving those puzzles not only offers enjoyment.

But it also helps increase intellect among kids. Hence focusing on the parent’s concerns and children’s interests, we brought this incredible best collection of games. Which are popular nowadays and recommended mostly by experts.

What are Educational Games


Educational Games are the ones that are specially structured focusing on kids. Though the internet world is rich in different android games including puzzles. But most of those reachable puzzles including games are structured for adults, teenagers, and older people.

This means, majorly the younger students including offspring are neglected the most. However, the experts have realized this huge gap and come back with an incredible collection. Yet, most of those online reachable ones are premium and require a license.

Hence without paying fees or purchasing premium licenses. It becomes difficult to access those gaming apps. So focusing on easy and free access, here we’ll mention some of the popular gaming apps. Those are mentioned below here with key details.

Remember this will be the greatest opportunity for parents including teachers. To take advantage of reachable resources and easily manipulate the hidden talent of kids. By offering different Educational Games using the latest advanced digital smartphones.

Top 5 Best Educational Games for Smartphones

Best Educational Games for Children

Animal Jam

Educational Games

This gaming application is easily accessible to download from Google Play Store. Even gamers can easily download it from the official source. More than 180 million users have already downloaded this application globally and the numbers are going up.

When we explore the gameplay deeply then we found it rich in basic knowledge. The key knowledge added in the form of games relatable to Zoology and Ecology. Though we are unable to witness any authentic number.

Yet the developers claim to offer plenty of multiple knowledgeable games inside. No subscription or registration is required for accessing games. Moreover, the experts add up the advanced parental control with desired options.

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Educational Games

The gameplay is developed focusing on multi-digital equipment including IOS and Computer. However, here we are going to focus on the android version. That is reachable to download from both official channels and Play Store.

While exploring the key features, we found the gameplay math role-based game. Where the kids are encouraged to participate in mathematical puzzles including questions. Unless the youngsters are able to provide a correct answer.

The gameplay will run continuously offering multiple chances. To make the game easier and simpler, there are different similar hints that will be provided. Reading those hints correctly will lead the kid to the correct answer.

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ThinkRolls 2

Educational Games

Actually, the gameplay purely offers science-based knowledge related to physics. Where multiple information related to Acceleration, Gravity, Speed, and Force will be reachable. Remember kids are not good at reading the material.

Therefore all these mentioned topics cover different games for your Android phone that children can play. For suppose if the parents are ready to offer knowledge regarding acceleration. Then they are recommended to play topics related.

However, at the start, it will be a little difficult to understand the tricks. But we are assured that repeating the process, again and again, will help acknowledge the information easily. Millions of students are already taking advantage of this android game.

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Endless Alphabets

Educational Games

The gameplay is related to English language learning. Here the children are entertained by offering different pictures associated with different alphabets. Over-guessing the right animal and alphabet may end up generating intellectual minds.

While playing the gameplay over multiple android smartphones. We found the game starts from the beginning stages to the advanced level. Where the students including kids will offer to structure multiple sentences managing the words correctly.

In some cases, the children may end up making wrong sentences. So if any of the following kids are committing the same mistake again and again.

Then we recommend the teacher or parent to go back to the beginning stage and try to make the process of reading alphabets including words easier.

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Stop Motion Studio

Educational Games

When it comes to this particular gaming app then we found it unique and interesting as compared to others. Because here inside gameplay, the kids are encouraged to imagine an animation. And convert that image into reality by drawing a perfect digital image.

All this can be done in digital form using multiple features. However, the process of usage and integration of applications may be difficult for smaller kids. But in this regard we recommend adults to help out children.

The gameplay interface is kept simple and easier. Yet, parents including teachers help may require while usage. Hence you encourage your children to draw multiple anime. Then you should try out this incredible android application.

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The Online internet world is rich in similar applications including software. But most of those online gaming apps are premium and got fewer opportunities. So in this regard, we recommend parents including teachers to explore the mentioned Educational Games for free.  



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