Today in this article we will discuss some methods through which you can access paid apps for free! Shocked, right? But that’s true my friend there are various methods available in the market to get paid apps for free and in this article, we will discuss some best, easy, and efficient methods to access paid apps free of cost. We love using various applications some of them are free and to use others we need to pay an amount. So we will take you to the gateway from there you can access those expensive or paid apps at no cost.


Google Play Store has more than 2.8 million apps and most of them are free but not all, and if you want to access or use those paid ones without paying any amount so you can use the methods discussed in the article. I know we love free apps we also love paid apps but we don’t like pirated and fake applications. If you want to grab all the applications free of cost so try these methods at least once.

[Important Note: This post is written just for informative purpose, we don’t support any kind of piracy. In this post, we have provided links to the various sources which provide paid apps for free, which is illegal. Piracy is a crime and we don’t encourage it. This post is an illustration and we are not responsible for whatever you do with the information, and you will be responsible for your actions or consequences faced by you. We respect the struggle and hard work of developers so we strongly recommend you should buy apps from Google Play Store instead.]

Methods to Get Paid Apps for Free

The methods discussed in this article are mostly for Android users and some of them are also used by iOS and Windows too. So let’s get started with the process to access paid apps for free.

paid apps for free

Method 1: Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha is the best and free alternative for Google Play, Aptoide, and AC market that allows Android users to download or use paid, and premium apps at free of cost. Blackmart is the biggest and most popular APK market which comprises millions of free and paid applications. Blackmart alpha is quite famous only because of its numerous user-friendly features including

  • Download your apps with a single click.
  • It has a massive collection of not only premium and paid apps but also free apps throughout the Internet, so you can have all the applications at one place either free, paid, or premium.
  • It’s auto-install feature make the app more efficient, which allows your device to install the downloaded APK automatically, without any manual interruption.
  • Another best feature includes auto-update, it updates the applications automatically whenever an update is available.
  • With Blackmart alpha you just can’t download apps for free also you can upload your own apps and publish them to the world’s most popular app store.

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Method 2: Apps Free

Apps Free is an app itself available at Google Play Store. It is a simple and straightforward method to download apps paid apps for free. On its homepage, you can see a long list of available paid apps that you can install at a 100% discount on at the moment. But here you need to wait for any specific app to be set on a discount. It does not provide any search specific app at free of cost.

Also, there is no option to get notified about a specific app, so you have to set the notification with some filters and category-wise. The app also has an amazing feature to remove ads for 24 hours by watching a 30-sec long video. The overall best feature is that you can set the category-wise notification.

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Method 3: 1Mobile Market

This is another best market to purchase apps for free. It is a complete market where all the paid apps are added manually to sell on a 100% discount, i.e. free of cost. It comes in two versions you can download it from the Google Play store too, but that always redirects to the google play app just because to obey Google Play’s terms and services.

Another version is available on their website and has a lite version as a free upgrade. Once this version is downloaded then you can install all the paid applications for free without violating any limitations. With this version, you can download all the apps directly into your device.

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Method 4: Get APK

This is another nice method to download paid apps for free. But to use this application you should know how to use it correctly. Most of the users don’t find it user-friendly because of its unmanaged code. But it has one most lovable feature by which you can not only download the latest version of the app but also you can choose the previous version of the app, this is the best feature of Get APK.

The file downloading process is quite complex and lengthy and also not for the new users, people using it for the first time don’t know how to download the apps from it. But after being habitual you will find it the most useful and best application to download the apps for free.

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Method 5: 4Shared

4shared is another best repository for downloading the apps. You cannot just download android apps through, this can be used to host windows software, pictures, videos, songs, pdf files, and a lot of things. The best part of 4shared is that all the files and applications are uploaded by the users and shared over 4shared cloud for other users. This app is available at google play store so it and also considered as a legal application.

You need to create an account at 4Shared and after then you can access all the features like uploading and downloading files. The app doesn’t support piracy and publicly share the files uploaded and makes them available and accessible throughout the cloud.

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Wrapping Up

Here, we reach the end of the article, I hope you all enjoyed reading the article and you will try to download the paid apps for the free but just for try and test purpose, not for permanent use. Our developers do arduous work to design and develop an application, so we should respect their efforts and purchase the app instead of using them for free. Moreover, you are an educated reader, so you are aware of all the consequences of performing any illegal activity.

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