AMD Ryzen vs Intel CPUs
Sep 23, 2021

AMD Ryzen vs Intel CPUs: Which One is Better in 2021?

In this article, I am going to further discuss the forever-going debate on AMD Ryzen vs Intel CPUs. Perhaps this will give you a little more clarity…
windows 10 to manjaro
Jan 14, 2020

Why I Switched From Windows 10 to Manjaro Linux?

Here is an in-depth article on Why I switched from Windows 10 to Manjaro Linux, where I explained in different work perspective with multiple sections.
tesla's 0 budget marketing

How Tesla’s 0 Budget Marketing Works?

Tesla is among one the best energy conserving brand which is actually helping the environment. Here is how Tesla's 0 budget marketing works.
ipad triple rear camera
Jan 3, 2020

Apple iPad Pro to Have Triple Rear Cameras

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techs in 2019
Dec 28, 2019

Techs in 2019: Techs We Experienced this Year

So here are some of the relevant if not the most mindblowing tech of the year or we can say new techs in 2019. The list can…
ces 2020
Dec 26, 2019

CES 2020: Expectations, New Techs, AI, 5G, etc.

On January 7, 2020, the CES 2020 exhibition officially kicks off to start the event which would go on till the next 4 days and we will…
Red Cable Club Program
Dec 23, 2019

OnePlus Introduces Red Cable Club Program in India

Oneplus announced Red Cable Club Program on the occasion of 6 year anniversary and 5M strong community. This is an exclusive rewards program for India only.
honda in-car ai
Dec 20, 2019

Honda’s new in-car AI to be showcased in 2020 CES

Honda to announce their new in-car AI system for better driving experience. Report says they will show case the model in the upcoming CES 2020.
realme ui
Dec 18, 2019

The New Realme UI Will be Rolling Out By Early 2020

Realme finally announced their customized UI named as Realme UI. Most of the devices by Realme except Realme 1 ,2 and UI will be getting the update…
Dec 17, 2019

Top 10 Budget Smartphones of the Year (2019)

This was our version of the top 10 budget smartphones for the year 2019. We didn't follow any order for the list, it just the top from…

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