CES 2020: Expectations, New Techs, AI, 5G, etc.

ces 2020
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Tech kicks it off early in the year, from smartphones to TVs to the latest in gaming, and anything technology is on display in the annual event of CES. On January 7, 2020, the CES 2020 exhibition officially kicks off to start the event which would go on till the next 4 days. This would be preceded by a 2 days long ‘media days’ from January 5th to 6th wherein the companies announce their headlining products and strategies.


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CES 2020: Expectations, New Techs, AI, 5G, etc. 1
CES 2019 at Las Vegas

CES 2020

Among the already known displays at the exhibition, some of the major reveals have been creating enough buzz already to generate further interest in what is yet to be announced.

OnePlus will be debuting in the coming CES 2020 and the company has teased a “concept phone” called ‘Concept One’. It could be anything like a Galaxy Fold or a Motorola Razr or something completely different, not only with its design but also in a signature OnePlus way it would be ahead of the curve with its specifications off the chart and the pricing in your budget. It would almost certainly be featuring 5G and Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 865 processor.

Sony, Samsung, and other conventional biggies are likely to be aiming their new releases only for the US market with the key feature being 5G as 5G networks are already going live across the world. So that calls for a lot of people opting for a new device, which is certainly a major opportunity for all the companies. Along with 5G, foldable/flexible phones will be pushed along a lot considering the couple that were already around in 2019.

On the front of the displays, we would probably get to see many 8K TV models and 100-inch+ screens, but more importantly, we would get smarter-realistic TVs for our households. Meanwhile, there will also be many more rollable TVs like LG showcased last year which may not exactly be for mainstream use but just extravagant, luxurious and somewhat gimmicky.

Besides TVs, other home appliances like vacuum cleaners, fridges, and ovens will also be there with a lot more AI integration and voice-assistant enabled devices. Home robots and integrations with Spotify, Netflix, Disney+ and many more such US-centric services will also surely be important.

While noise-cancellation has been on the board for a long while now, but every year it has been pushed a bit further now with the added trend of wireless earphones. And so we can expect a lot more of that from various giants and other upcoming brands.

PC and Console gaming is going through an exciting new phase, a couple of years of focus in multiplayer and just multiplayer had made the gaming industry seem a bit stale but now with the advent of VR, ray tracing, upcoming next-gen consoles and the exciting new titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 making the waves, its revival of gaming as we know it.


Dell, Lenovo, HP, and MSI are amongst the laptop makers expected to have a presence. LG has already teased its latest generation of ultra-light Gram laptops for a CES launch. AI and Google Stadia would be at a full display and show at this CES.

From Artificial Intelligence to 5G, 2020 CES would not only put on a show for the fancy but also for the practical advancements of our daily use devices.

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