Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 design leaked

galaxy fold 2
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Samsung Galaxy Fold was not well received, it is what all the defective snapping, plastic protection which was not supposed to be removed and breaking of screens tell us. It was ambitious, stylish and definitely innovative; and if we have learned about this company from the Galaxy Note series, Samsung double downs on their design instead of succumbing to popular opinion.


But Samsung has taken a hard horizontal turn from its originally book-like vertical fold. Live images of a clamshell foldable Samsung phone have been making the rounds recently, wherein we can see a tall Infinity-O display that can be folded down to a smaller very Samsungesque exterior with a small display at the bottom along with the camera set up.

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Galaxy Fold 2

galaxy fold 2
Source: Weibo

The design is resembling the much talked about and the pioneer in the horizontal folding phones business, Motorola’s Razr. But the Galaxy Fold 2 has a significant amount of bezel around it which looks arguably classy. Besides that, it seems that every manufacturer is going after the clamshell foldable design as a couple of weeks ago live images of Xiaomi’s upcoming foldable phones had surfaced. And so it is no surprise that Samsung is going this route.

The whole foldable phones seemed a bit redundant at first but now that several clamshell foldable phones are coming out and the ergonomic factor of the design being highlighted, it certainly makes sense. The compact yet powerful device does seem like a great pitch, but the practicality still has to be put to test.

Just by the looks of it, the assumed Galaxy Fold 2 seems to be in a good place, with its pinhole front camera and its retro exterior display. As ambitious it might have seemed earlier, investment from companies like Samsung and Motorola assures us that 2020 would be seeing a lot more foldable clamshell phones coming from different brands and it may actually become mainstream and affordable, unlike the Galaxy Notes and the gimmicky stylus.

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