Why I Switched From Windows 10 to Manjaro Linux?

windows 10 to manjaro
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Why I switched from Windows 10 to Manjaro Linux? This has been a question from many of my colleagues since they got to know the migration. So, I thought why not a blog post for a common answer to all my friends, colleagues and you guys.


I have been using Windows since I learn what a computer system is. I almost tasted 4-5 flavours of Windows i.e., from Windows XP to Windows 10. This has been a great journey with Microsoft windows.

Why I Switched From Windows 10 to Manjaro Linux?

I will divide the answer into different segments so that it will be easy for you all to understand from your own perspective.


Performance is always a big factor of migration or upgradation of any software or hardware. And I personally feel that I am fully satisfied with my machine now. While using Windows 10, I used to feel that I am missing something or I am compromising the performance but Manjaro Linux made my machine be work with me in an uncompromised manner.

2.Browsing Experience

For a blogger like me, the most important thing to care about is the best browsing experience so that we can write for you without any hassle. I used to use only one browser with a maximum of 10 tabs open. After 10+ tabs the system used to lag a bit even though my personal system has a good configuration like SSD, 8 GBs of RAM, Strong GPU, etc.

But after shifting to Manjaro Linux, I use 3 different browsers(Firefox, Brave and Chromium) simultaneously and I don’t feel any performance issue.

Check my brave blog post here: Google Chrome Seems to Have Become a Spy Software

3.Graphics Work

After browsing experience, the factor which matters to us a lot is Graphics Works i.e., Photoshop and all for the images we use in our blog posts. Adobe Photoshop was a perfect option but it only works perfectly in an above-average system. In Manjaro Linux, there are a lot of alternatives which works perfectly in a potato PC too.

I use software like GIMP(GNU Image Manipulation Program) and Inkscape for most of the graphic work and these works like a charm.


4.Gaming Experience

Well, we are not a robot who always work, work and work. Sometimes we also take our “Me” time and I usually play games at that time like PUBG, CS-GO, etc.

I know Windows has no competition for the gaming department but gaming wasn’t my first priority while switching to Manjaro it is just an extra thing which I do.

But literally I can feel a Lil bit increment in performance while playing in Linux while comparing it to Windows.

The integration of ProtonDB with Steam improved the gaming experience a lot in Linux gaming. And it rapidly improving too. The day is so far when Linux gaming would be preferred by all gamers.


5.Office Work Experience

I also can say that Microsoft Office is the one which I miss a lot and I am fully compatible with it. There is a lot of features which I actually use in my college works(Yes, I am a college student). I can easily say that it is a fully-featured pack program for a student. Oops, seems like I am forgetting the article topic.

So, regarding office work, there are a few alternatives. But the one which seems most perfect is FreeOffice by SoftMaker. The UI and features are almost similar to an old Microsoft Office, I would say Office 2010. But since I am Office 365 user, I always have an option os using Office Online.

6.Programming Experience

If there is no competition for Windows gaming experience then I would also say that Linux has no competition for Linux programming environment.

Literally, Android Studio used to take almost a minute to boot up even though it was in SSD.


Programming experience will literally take another post to talk. So I will skip this topic here only.


Although no OS can claim a 100% risk-free experience. Linux is more secure than Windows as because of the way it’s designed and handles user permissions.

8.Software Experience

There is no competition of Linux for software. It has a huge community of developers making/building free and open-source software for you. You just name the software and you will get it in the repository.

Especially talking about Manjaro, it supports the Arch User Repository(AUR) which has a ton of software you need.


9.Flavours and Customisation

Linux has a lot of different flavours and customisation capability. Speaking of Manjaro Linux, we have official 3 flavours i.e., KDE Plasma, XFCE and GNOME, and unofficially more than 10 flavours.

Well, I will cover another post for this only.


Linux is always been famous for its huge community base. If you have a question, just type it in the Google(I prefer DuckDuckGo though) search bar and you will have the answer.

Disadvantages? No, I don’t face any. Sorry windows.



Here is an in-depth article on Why I switched from Windows 10 to Manjaro Linux.

If you have reached here, that means you seem to be interested in Linux or specifically, Manjaro Linux. So here are all the references you need to get started.

Official Manjaro Website: https://manjaro.org/
Official Arch Website: https://www.archlinux.org/
Download Manjaro: https://manjaro.org/download/
Gaming in Linux Explained: Linus Tech Tips

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