Google Removed the Remove China Apps App from Play Store

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After a few hours of removal of most popular TikTok’s Indian alternative Mitron app, now Google removed the Remove China Apps app from the play store. According to a report from Tech Crunch, the app was violating ‘Deceptive Behaviour Policy’ as a result it needs to be removed from the Android’s awning app store Google’s Play Store.


The Remove China app was developed by OneTouchAppLabs, a start-up company based in Jaipur. In just 10-12 days of launch, the app goes viral and hits more than 5 million downloads.

Google Removed the Remove China Apps app from Play Store

According to the App developers, the app was developed for educational purpose and its intention isn’t to motivate or influence anyone to remove any application from the phone forcefully. The Remove China app will show you a list of apps originated in China and provide you with an option to delete it. It’s completely users’ choice either he/she want to eliminate that app from their phone or not.

The main reason due to which Google removed the Remove China Apps from the play store is it was violating the terms and conditions and some policies of the Google Play Store. According to the Deceptive Behaviour Policy, any app from/on Google Play Store can’t make changes into the user’s device settings, or features outside the app without the user’s knowledge and consent, and not it can encourage or incentivize users into removing or disabling third-party apps.

Google Removed the Remove China Apps

The removed app has more than 5 million downloads on play store and a 4.9-star rating with loads of positive reviews.

Message from OneTouchAppLabs

After Google removed the Remove China Apps app from the Play Store, the app’s creator posted a message on Twitter for all those who have downloaded the app and also shared a method to find out the origin country of any application on Google Play Store.

The app from OneTouchAppLabs got popular because of raised anti-china sentiments in the country. The firstmost reason behind such a dispute is the spread of Coronavirus from China and another critical reason is the controversy between India and China for Himalayan-border (Nathula region, Sikkim).

After a few hours of removal of another overhyped Indian app Mitron, which was considered as an alternative to the Chinese social networking platform TikTok. A typical boycott china products kind of dispute is raising throughout the country and for the shake of country and being patriotic, Indians blindly trusting any applications developed in the country without being concern about the issues they can face after using unhygienic (applications which comprises lots of bugs and may contain viruses too) and unsecured apps.

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Another #Boycottchina is trending over the Twitter and people criticizing Chinese products, moreover influencing others to stop using Chinese application and products too. This fight isn’t one-sided, users from China ridiculed “Remove China Apps” and yearn Indians to throw away their smartphone developed in China, referring to the dominance of Chinese smartphones in India.

We don’t have any idea, where all these disputes are heading. Indian Prime Minister has also promoted the idea of boycotting foreign products and firms and initiated a concept of “self-dependent” India. 1.3 billion citizens of country are heading to develop a new nation which will be self-dependent and will support the Indian products as more as possible to revive the falling economy of country.

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