TechLatest weekly news roundup 2, here we are with our second week’s news roundup and in this article, we will discuss all the important and exciting announcement happened this week, this article will be the collection of all the most popular and hottest announcement, leaks, rumors, and launches of last week in the tech industry. If you want to have a quick tour of the happening through the week so this article is only for you, this will give you a quick review of major changes that take place in the Tech world within a week.


This week we experienced different kinds of happenings, announcements. In the initial day of the week, we got to know that the Xiaomi is going to launch its new Mi Band 5 this month, which was followed by the delayed launch of iPhone 12, afterward, we got to know that why Google removed overhyped Indian apps “Remove China” and “Mitron” from the play store and all these news are followed by other exciting ones.

So, let’s have a quick tour of TechLatest weekly news roundup 2:

TechLatest Weekly News Roundup – Week 1, June’20


All You Need to Know About Upcoming Mi Band 5

TechLatest Weekly News Roundup

Various leaks and rumors confirm the news of new members in the wearable series of Mi, Mi Band 5 appeared online on Weibo with a teaser image showing the design of the upcoming band. The rendered image has five images of the new wearable from Xiaomi. Xiaomi also announced that the upcoming MI Band 5 will be officially available from 11 June in China. Moreover, Xiaomi also announced launching its latest and first MI Notebook for the Indian market on the same date, i.e. 11 June.

Launch of the iPhone 12 Might Get Delayed

This was a bit sad news for the Apple lovers who were waiting for the new iPhone 12, Apple Supplier Broadcom’s CEO suggested this news on a conference call with Bloomberg. According to him this time launch of the iPhone 12 will be a quarter late than usual. And the main reason behind this delay is lockdown due to Covid-19. Apple engineers were unable to travel to China and finalize the components and required employees.

TechLatest Weekly News Roundup

Know Why Google Took Down ‘Remove China Apps’ and ‘Mitron’ From Play Store

TechLatest Weekly News Roundup

Google has taken down ‘Remove China Apps’ and ‘Mitron’ from Play store. The next day, on Thursday, said it has as of late suspended various applications for violating its policy that forbids the applications from urging users to delete different applications Explaining the method of reasoning behind Google’s activities, Android and Google Play Vice-President Sameer Samat said that when applications are permitted to explicitly target different applications, it can lead to a situation that Google accepts isn’t to the greatest advantage of its developers and users.

Apple Announces Open Source Password Manager Resources for Developers for Better Security

Apple is trying to assist developers to build password management applications that are compatible with most platforms. So, to assist developers to build stronger passwords for its users, Apple has created a brand-new Open Source Password Manager Resources for developers. The new resource is out there on open source repository GitHub. The new project will help developers of password managers collaborate to make strong passwords that are compatible with popular websites, the corporate said during a statement on Friday.

TechLatest Weekly News Roundup

Xiaomi Redmi 9 Pricing, Specs, Design Surfaced Online Before Official Launch

TechLatest Weekly News Roundup

The Xiaomi Redmi 9 is widely rumored to launch on June 25, but fresh reports suggest that the launch could happen a touch early. The complete specifications of the Redmi 9 have surfaced online about twice within the past. Now, price, color, and style details have also been tipped before the launch by a Philippine E-commerce website.

Facebook’s Dark Mode is About to Release Soon for Mobile App

Facebook-related applications have been getting Dark modes for some time now, with Messenger having it since March 2019, Instagram joining the previous Fall, and WhatsApp making it official a few months prior. And at last, Facebook’s dark mode is reimagined for your OLED viewing pleasure. It’s unclear when the new features will make it to the general public. Dark mode, specifically, is about to arrive soon.

TechLatest Weekly News Roundup

MSI Announces World’s First Inbuilt Liquid Cooled Motherboard

TechLatest Weekly News Roundup

MSI is always known for pushing the limits of gaming gadgets innovating new hardware to match the requirements of professional gamers. Founder of EK Edward Konig stated that “Our first collaboration was a liquid-cooled GPU, Sea Hawk EK X. This time we collaborated to bring a liquid-cooled motherboard to the mainstream. Let’s have a look at the complete specification of the First Inbuilt Liquid Cooled Motherboard – MSI MPG Z490 CARBON EK X.

Here, in TechLatest Weekly News Roundup 2, we have seen all the important announcement happened last week in the tech industry. This is a unique method to have a quick look at all the latest announcements happening in the tech world.



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