Facebook Dark Mode Rolling Out For iOS

facebook dark mode
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Facebook dark mode rolling out for iOS slowly but the company has begun releasing dark mode features into iOS devices including iPhone and iPad. Some of the iOS users confirm that they have seen dark mode feature in their Facebook app, and Facebook has confirmed that they have started the rollout of Facebook’s dark mode for iOS.


According to a report from SocialMediaToday, Facebook has confirmed that Facebook dark mode rolling out for iOS, slowly but surely. Facebook said that they are rolling out for “a small percentage of users globally right now”. Facebook confirmed that some users are able to switch to dark mode in the mobile app.

Facebook Dark Mode Rolling Out For iOS

A few months back company has launched a dark mode feature in WhatsApp and Messenger. And after some time, Facebook also redesigned its website and launch a bunch of features into the Facebook desktop, including Dark Mode. And, only the main application of Facebook is left out from the dark mode feature, even Facebook Lite also has a dark mode. However, it is quite slow that Facebook dark mode rolling out for iOS now. After two-three months of its launch in the Facebook desktop version, and in other apps.

Moreover, back in April month, some news suggests that Facebook’s dark mode images are leaked for iOS, you can read complete news from the following link Images of Dark Mode by Facebook for iOS Leaked.

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Facebook Dark Mode Rolling Out For iOS

Some users also confirmed on the twitter that they get dark mode feature in their iOS devices.

If you are a lucky user and get the dark mode feature in your Facebook, so you can access the it through

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Tap on three-lines at the lower-right corner.
  • Go to the ‘Settings and Privacy’ section.

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It is still not confirmed when the feature will be available for everyone, but we can say that we are very close to the launch of the dark mode feature in the Facebook primary app. Launching or rolling out any new feature for such a large platform would be a tedious task, the company needs to take care of various technical aspects, as well as the feature has to be launch for billions of users from the different regions throughout the globe, so it may take time.


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