Techlatest Weekly News Roundup Week 3, July 2020

Weekly News Roundup
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TechLatest Weekly news roundup week 3, July 2020 – in this article we will discuss all the major happenings and important announcement took place in tech industry last week. This post will be a combinative abstracted version of all the important and fascinating launches and changes that occurred in the tech society. This article will be the collection of all the most popular and hottest announcements, leaks, rumors, and launches of last week in the tech industry. 


If you want to have a quick tour of all the happening within the week so this article is only for you, this will give you an agile evaluation of major changes that take place in the Tech world within a week.

Initially, with the starting of this week, we saw Oppo is launching a new 125-watt ultra-fast charger, after this, we got to know some leaks about the battery of iPhone 12, then we saw Google Pixel 4a listed in the website before the official launch, after this we have news regarding Lenovo’s gaming smartphone Legion and all these amazing news were followed by other interesting ones.

So, let’s have a quick tour of TechLatest weekly news roundup Week 3, July 2020:

TechLatest Weekly News Roundup Week 3, July 2020

Oppo to Introduce Ultra-fast 125-watt Charger on July 15

Ultra-fast 125-watt Charger
Techlatest Weekly News Roundup Week 3, July 2020

Oppo to introduce Ultra-fast 125-watt charger on July 15. Oppo is quite famous for introducing its ultra-fast charging technology from some past years, and its latest rapid charger is 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 which was launched back in 2019, it was the first launch with Oppo Reno Ace smartphone which was powered by Snapdragon 855+ in October. It’s hardly been a year of the launch of the rapid super-fast charger, and here Oppo is preparing another ultra-fast charger that is capable of loading the battery with 125-watt of power. 

iPhone 12 Battery Capacity Leaked: All You Need to Know

People are eagerly waiting for the launch of the new iPhone 12. Now that we are getting closer to the launch, we have so many news and rumors around the upcoming iPhone 12. Apparently, we now have iPhone 12 battery capacity leaked. And there is some disappointing news.

iPhone 12 Battery Capacity leaked
Techlatest Weekly News Roundup Week 3, July 2020

Google Pixel 4a Store Listing Showed Up Before Official Launch

Techlatest Weekly News Roundup Week 3, July 2020

Google Pixel 4a store listing showed up before the official launch and now we can expect the launch of the device is not so far away. Google Pixel 4a store listing gives us a hint that now the launch is imminent. Yesterday, 9to5Google first spotted the Google Pixel 4a store listing at the official Google Store in Canada before the official launch.

Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Pre-Order Registrations Started Ahead of Official Announcement

Lenovo Legion gaming phone pre-order registrations started before the official announcement. Lenovo will launch its latest gaming phone on 22 July, and just a week before launch Legion Gaming Phone pre-order registrations are begun at in China. And the site listing reveals some of the key features of the device.

Techlatest Weekly News Roundup Week 3, July 2020

Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos – Twitter Account Are Hacked, Scammers Made More Than $118,000

Techlatest Weekly News Roundup Week 3, July 2020

Some most famous personalities/celebrities including Microsoft Owner Bill Gates, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and some other’s Twitter account are hacked on Wednesday, Twitter is said to be the most secure social networking site and its security is breached Yesterday. The hackers posted a similar tweet in all of the accounts, which was seems to be promoting bitcoin scam.

Facebook Announces Screen Sharing on Messenger. Here is How to Enable it on Android and iOS

On Thursday, Facebook announces that they are launching screen sharing on Messenger for both Android and iOS. Facebook said this will be a “fun and engaging way” to connect with friends and family. Apart from screen-sharing in mobile (Android and iOS), the feature will be available in Messenger rooms with up to 16 people on web and desktop, and soon Facebook will increase it to a maximum of 50 people within a Messenger room.

Techlatest Weekly News Roundup Week 3, July 2020

Here, in TechLatest weekly news roundup week 3, July 2020 we have seen all the important announcement happened last week in the tech industry. This is a unique method to have a quick look at all the latest announcements happening in the tech world.

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