Mitron App Removed from Play Store Due to Security Issues

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Mitron app — the favored Indian alternative for TikTok — has been removed from the Google Play store on Tuesday. The app had over 5 million downloads. As of now, neither Google nor Mitron has revealed details about the removal of the appliance from the Play store. However, the likelihood is strong that the app has been taken down thanks to the safety issues that were reported earlier in the week.


If you’ve got the Mitron app already downloaded on your phone you’ll still ready to use it but we propose you don’t because the app comes with several vulnerabilities. Mitron app has been within the news for all the incorrect reasons lately. The app owner Shibank Agarwal, a student of IIT Roorkee, bought the ASCII text file of the app from a Pakistani coding company Qboxus and rebranded the app as Mitron and launched in India. Before officially launching the app in India Agarwal and his team didn’t even customize the coding or change the privacy policy.

Mitron App Removed from Play Store Due to Security Issues 1

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Irfan Sheikh of Qboxus from Lahore confirmed to IndianExpress that Agarwal did reach bent the corporate buy the ASCII text file of TicTic and launch as Mitron in India. He also accepted the very fact that the “Mitron app has privacy issues because the app developer has not uploaded the privacy policy.” Sheikh, however, said that the corporate doesn’t encourage their buyers to only put it out there for the public to use it because it is.

It’s risky to use the Mitron app given it doesn’t have any additional firewall or software security on top of the ASCII text file. The privacy policy is weak which can put user data in danger eventually.<span class="su-quote-cite">Satyajit Sinha, Cybersecurity Researcher at Counterpoint</span>

If you’ve got the Mitron app installed on your phone we highly recommend uninstalling the app directly and not use it. We checked the Mitron app and located there’s no way you’ll delete your account from the app. Users can either sign off of the app or just uninstall it. The settings menu is additionally missing on the app now.

We also recommend you watch out for all the clones of Mitron available on Google Play store. you want to always check the developer first before installing an app on your smartphone.

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