5 Best Android Keyboards to Try

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Most Android users rely on the keyboard that is pre-installed. But you can find many third-party Android keyboard apps on the Google play store which come with fun themes, amazing features, advanced swiping methods, and layouts that you can customize.


Follow the below article to know the 5 Best Android Keyboards to Try in 2022

As the technology around us keep evolving it becomes necessary for us to use these tools to make our work more efficient.

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List of 5 Best Android Keyboards to Try in 2022

All the below-listed keyboards are available in Google Play Store, either download from below given links or search in the Play Store app.


SwiftKey is one of the best Android Keyboard application that can replace the native keyboard on your smartphone. This keyboard uses Artificial Intelligence which enables it to learn on its own and predicts the next word the user wants to type.

It also features autocorrect and gesture typing for quicker input. It determines your typing pattern and tries to adapt to it.

This app also has an amazing emoji keyboard that features lots of emojis, GIFs, and many more. You can even customize the keyboard from 100s of themes and can also create a personal theme if you like.


Gboard is one of the most popular keyboard applications on the Play Store with a whooping one billion-plus downloads. This is the most downloaded Keyboard app of all time.

It has gotten an amazing UI which also enables a tech newbie to use it without facing any issues. You can find many languages including the local dialects on this app. It also features an easy gliding option for faster typing.


It has gotten emoticons, GIFs, and stickers which help you communicate more effectively. You can use the voice command feature to convert it into text. Since it is a Google application you can even search for words using the search icon on the keyboard.

Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy Keyboard is the fastest keyboard for any Android smartphone. It uses an amazing autocorrect and gesture control feature which helps you in typing accurately and quickly. The swiping gestures use functions like adding space, punctuation, word correction and delete quickly.

It is highly customizable and has over 50 varieties of vibrant themes, it has also got three customizable keyboard sizes with more than 800 emojis and GIFs.

You can also create keyboard shortcuts, also navigate apps using your keyboard, swiftly copy/paste and the best part is you can access to the number row easily without switching. It supports more that 40 different languages.


It also has an extremely strict privacy poilcy. It won’t collect any personal data without your permission.

Chrooma Keyboard

This Android Keyboard application is almost similar to the Gboard but it offers more customizable options than it. You can find all the essential features like keyboard resizing, swipe typing, autocorrect, and predictive typing.

It features a neutral action row where you can find emojis, numbers, and punctuation suggestions. It also has a Night mode feature that changes the color tone when you enable it. Or you can also set a timer to program the night mode.

It is powered by AI which gives you more accuracy and better prediction of texts while typing. It has this amazing feature called the ‘adaptive color mode’ where it automatically changes color according to the app you are using. But it might have few glitches while using the emojis and GIFs


Go Keyboard

This Android keyboard application has over 100 million downloads and is ranked as one of the most popular Android Keyboard application on Play Store in 2017.

This is a must-have app for any user. It features unlimited themes, GIFs, emojis, and fonts, it also has more than 60 languages. It has an AI-driven auto correct which makes sure that one does not commit any basic typing mistakes.

It has over 100 most popular fonts and allows voice input. It is compatible with the Android 4.1 version and above.

These are the most unique and amazing 5 Best Android Keyboards to Try in 2022.


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